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Oh no! Someone is smoking and he's going to yell at them but get blamed for it 😫
FANIME??! Me too! :O I'll definitely check out your table
When I'm at the gym I stare.... at my own butt! So I can see Swen doing that too haha
I can imagine Vanilla doing this:
i can't wait for the next page :)
omg i haven't gone on to read a lot of the comics i faved for a while and i finally caught up with urs. i was seriously like: NO I WANT THE NEXT PAGE!!! D: lol anyways hope you upload soon :)
i got a shot on my butt once C:
it didnt really hurt for me cause it was all fat. :I lol
actually the first thing that popped up in my mind was "gay" xD
aww i think he looks cuter with short hair :D
i think Lyle should cut and dye his hair >:D cause you know... he's trying to get over Kaden and I guess that's a start... lol?
ANYWAYS! cant wait for the next chapter :D
i think people thought he was mostly his brother or cousin
i knew he wasn't but when i read what they said i was like: wait... where did they get that from??! lol
the girl is so cute when she saw her dad (hopefully i'm right?) :3 sergio is a little slow xDD
watch it be someone else, like a really hot boy that tries to steal lyle!!!!

...or it could be kyla
oh toni, you can continue even if he does tells you :D
jaykay! i think. lol
i'm not confused! :D lol i just like the fact that i don't know what's gunna happen next or w/e p:
cant wait for the next upload!! :)
i have a feeling i know what's gunna happen next but i wont say anything just in case i'm right or wrong lol
thank you for uploading! cant wait for the next!!! :)
@Izy 20:00 would be 8:00pm so she means 8pm lol
i just realized something... my ex boyfriend's nickname was AK... but he wasn't that hot and he was kind of a creeper.... so nvm.
hummm i wonder what will happen? i'm watchin ya AK .__.
my little doggy is named mocha :D
awww i want a kitty x3
September 15th, 2009
i use to put my long hair in my hat when i was younger :,D
desta's hair is soooo long x3 i like it
hhahahaa david is sooo cute xD