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I dunno, I dun care!
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oooh magical healing power! cool
I think I know what she's gonna do
hahahhha beauty contest anyone?
His expresttion in the end is just priceless...
also, you don't have them in cast section :0
Oooh, what's this?
:D nice work on the update
she exploded because she wore the glasses of doom!
lol, hiliiiiruous
sad Jay, didn't see gothic triplets :/
and is lanz wearing glasses or something?
everybody hates the president :D
ouch, that's gonna hurt... ALOT
onoes suddenly somebody got killed o.O
o.O O.O O.o
the balance is good.
And this joke is good too :D
uh oh Timm-- i mean, Megaman!
oh no he did not just say that!
and X comes and ruin everything
omg did the guy in the robot kill himself?