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I'm Starriko and I love to create stories! I hope you'll like them~

My inspirations for my work are:

Paper Mario
Kirby Games
Ghibli Films
Adventure Time
Spring & Chaos
Katamari Damacy
Junji Ito
Dragonball Z
Anything Cosmic
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its so laaaaate
oh gosh my dudes im so sorry i've been struggling so hard with juggling time since i got back, but thank you for ALWAYS being patient <3
i'm sorry for the massive messy page but i hope it's at least clean enough to follow jkdsfdh
see you this friday (hopefully)
@WingFreak: Thank you sooo much you sweet pea, I'll do my best ;o;

Prince Seil is baby boi
@Captain Ghost: ☆☆☆ Thank you thank you! <3 Kirby is baby bean <3
@jellyfishin: DUDE! I'm glad you got that detail!!
That makes me very happy!
English is such a weird language
@Guest: Aww~ Thanks! <3
@dweeb: He is sweet bean that needs protecc
i don't know why...
... its SO HARD to color this comic
I'm sorry for being late and again, it takes so long to do one page of this comic for some reason so I'm trying to mess around with coloring a bit to increase my production. I'll be out of town this Friday so see ya next week~!
This is such a sweet comment oh you sweet potato!! ;o;
@bwooom: AAAAHHH <3 <3 <3
@Guest: That's okay :o
@Guest: it's gonna be a kinda long journey but i'm excited c:
@Tehpikachu: AHW! Thank you ya sweet bean <3
now we're back to regular schedule again~
see you next friday!
me too Goku, me too...
see you tomorrow~!
@SleepySundae: AAAAAAH! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm so happy you like it! <3 <3 <3
Yes I can't wait to finally introduce the rest of the crew~!
@Guest: <3 <3 <3 Thank you~
@coobcakes: YES THE BOI IS HERE!! Aaawww thank you so much I enjoyed drawing it <3 <3 <3