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goats is my favorite animal.
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Unknown cyborg hedgehog; and first live stream sonic drawing on twitch! You can check this video out:
hi, yes it is Soul and Cam again, but in their new look!

old art:
Let's train! -Cam

Hey, I'm active still, but however, I has lost interested with sprite and whatnot. I've been drawing a lot lately, so this comic will be my dump of arts, designs and etc.
b l a i r !!
February 21st, 2019
time to get some sleep!

Hey, sorry for taking a while from this comic, but now its back. But I can't promise I can make more since I have been drawing a lot lately, and it's hard to focus on more things than one, since I have starting to live-stream stuff a little, and I have a lot of plans to do with this year, but I can still make more for this comic; I could post any new pages whatever I can but for now It can be update sometime not just often now! I hope you understand that reason. Thank you!
Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you enjoys/enjoyed the final day of 2018! I've been drawing with my tablet with my new laptop, I love it so much, so I thought I'd love to do final piece of a drawing for 2018 to finish off to start fresh with 2019!
Hunter time!!!!!
I have no idea why he like the rock... Remind me of Patrick and his rock.
December 22nd, 2018
Look well-made! Hope to see more pages from you! :D
The island of Melini, with cities, harbors, forest, a giant castle and snowed mountains. A teal-spiky hedgehog named Cam Aidan, as an orphan, and force his fists on the matter to begin the new awaited adventure!

Will trying to do weekly Friday for new pages! Enjoy!
Here we are! Starting with page 1 of ToCA, as we begin with the thief situation and what did Cam see at the end?! Who know what is going to happen, find out by next page!
I think he seem okay... for now.
November 27th, 2018
Roll roll.