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Hello and welcome to my little profile! I only just joined recently (9/11/18) but you might have seen me as a guest before. Two of my favorite things are Pokemon and Adventure Time. I might make a comic someday, but I'm not sure yet. I might just post doodles every once and awhile, because it sounds like fun. ^-^
It's hard to decide what my favorite part is, honestly. The characters are all great, and seeing how they have grown from the original is amazing. As Shadow said, I love the backgrounds, and how the colors set the mood. This entire festival scene just feels so warm, and another of my favorites is the forest with all the gray color in it.
I really don't think I can choose a favorite part. The comic has just developed so much more then the original did, and the original was amazing. The world just feels so much more complete, and the characters all have a new level of depth to them.
EDIT: oh whoops, didn't realize I wrote so much. To say the least, I loved this comic.

Out of the many comics I have as favorites, this one will definitely be the one I will miss seeing in my notifications most. I had read BoBD before, and so I definitely was excited to read this one too, but it surpassed my expectations by far. I love your comics, and one of the things that stand out the most is the moral questions. Just because a wolf have to kill a deer to survive, does that make the wolf the bad guy? In a comic with the deer as the main characters, it would feel like the wolves would be the bad ones. But your comics question that. And this is one of the reasons that I love your comics so much.

I'm not sure if this would really be considered a happy ending or not. If Rig was the same deer as she was in the beginning, then it definitely would. But with her hope to have a child of her own, her hope to be with Fen forever, all isn't really one. Sure, she will be able to live. But something I noticed in comparison to the beginning, she doesn't say "but most importantly, and above all else- I am alive." She says "and in spite of it all." It isn't something that she thought was all that important anymore. If she could've lived her life out with Fen and her own child, she would've been content with dying. Those two lines alone show how much Rig has developed.

So, to sum it all up- thank you for a beautiful comic that could both crush my feelings and make me feel hopeful for the characters. I look forward to any future projects. Thank you for making these amazing stories.
I'm really not sure who to pick for a favorite character, everyone is so unique. Reese has really stood out to me though, probably because he has so much more character then he did in the old comic!
No matter how much I try, I'm really bad at posting things consistently. Anyway here's Rhea, my growlithe OC. She is one of my favorites right now, and if I ever made some sort of comic she would definitely be the one who I went to first.
Whoops- I forgot to actually add the image. Not sure how to edit the page, if anyone could help me with that? (I'm not used to using the site for posting stuff yet)
Oh wow...this and the other page are amazing. I have to admit, I actually didn't think that he would die's interesting, especially considering what Rig had talked to Pace about. Sure, I feel really bad for Rig and Fen right now (these pages are really emotionally impacting- especially since I hadn't expected it) but both Rig and Pace will be in the same situation now. (Also, Fen saying that he loves Rig feels really important, especially considering all that Rig had said about love.)

Also, I like what this page is doing. You're right about the death thing, about animals in the wild not having fast or easy deaths. How drawn out this honestly makes it a lot more emotionally impacting. How panicked Fen looks and Rig weak from the sickness besides him adds to sure is sad, but great and I'm excited to see where this goes afterwards.

(Sorry for typing so much, but I haven't commented here in awhile-)
Haven't commented on this comic before, but I just wanted to say that I love your art style and I'm interested to see where exactly the story goes!

(Also, I love that last panel. It gives such a isolated feeling, like without your name, you aren't even you anymore.)
As my first page here, this is my salandit OC Ven! I haven't really used him in any rps or stories yet, so he isn't really as developed as most my other OCs. Stealing has become a lifestyle for him, and using tricks to do so is normal for him. I hope to post more art here soon, as long as I remember to-
It's completely fine, I know how terrible it is to lose stuff you work hard on. (I've never drawn a whole comic page and lost it before though, it's probably even worse.) Don't worry about it- I'm sure people will understand.
Thanks for including my OC! I'm glad to have been able to be part of this comic :)
Take a break if you need to, just make yourself top priority. Take as long as you need, I can understand that life can be hard sometimes. Besides, you already work hard on getting out new pages full of beautiful art, and you deserve a break if you want/need one.
@DarkFlameOSecrets: oh wow, I forgot about his necklace. I'm glad you pointed that out, now we know that the stone is probably an evolution stone, just didn't work due to the everstone.
The comic seems really interesting so far, and the bits of story that are already there has made me very interested! The art style is very pretty and different as well.

Although I think that on both this and the last page you meant "were you there" instead of "where you there"
Really though, poor everyone. Kalvin probably didn't realize that other pokemon would actually be concerned for him-

(I do have to wonder what is wrong with Kalvin though, and how severe it is.)
I really like the backgrounds on this page! The bushes and grass color is a nice change to our normal scenery. (Although those are always nice to, especially with all the different times of day shown on the comic)
Oh wow that last panel is awesome looking!

Everything that has happened in this chapter sure sets up for a amazing next chapter!
"Nope, he went to break Jaws out out but ended up kidnapping some kids and stealing the entire guild mission board."

When you plan out your day perfectly and you have no idea where it went so wrong.

I love all these characters already XD
@ultrawandit: well it is an outlaw comic, so I think that it will be fine even if you have to use the word a lot. After all, in regular PMD comics the words "explorers" and "rescue teams" are used a lot, and generally it isn't very noticeable how many times the words are used.
I didn't know that you had another comic, but this is definitely interesting! I wish there were more comics with outlaw main characters. I can see outlaws having a ton of fun just writing about murder and stuff, and just casually saying things or making jokes like "really guys, we need more mutilation. We need interesting stuff, not murder. That's too civilized." (Even though this Buizel seems quite serious-)

(Also, gliscor is definitely a pokemon that I wish was in more comics. Even though their dead now, it was still nice seeing them in your style.)