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comboy 32
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Vay is an evil genius confirmed
I have enough hair to be able to pull that off. The hairflip not the loitering
I wish i had that type of sibling relationship
My bro would never do that for me he’d just buy something for himself.
Life can be jerk and people also
Rest for as long as u need it’s the best thing to do when life breaks ur legs *internet hug*
I like to think that when blizz spotted nego the mgs spotted sound plays y’know this one
I have been SCARED on this night no mind bleach will cure this
Imma say it again
What happens in alone time stays in alone time
What happens during fridge time stays in fridge time
Blizz in panel 4&5 is a typical me response to my bro when he asks to play a game with me HAAAAAA!!! no.
@Pinkeevee222: hey can I screenshot and use dusks face in panel 15 as my profile pic?
Dusk looks angry(harmony gonna die to night)
Okay... um I’d like to be able to say something about this but... well anyway I love when moments like this are set up with the blacked out panels it’s really cool.
I has account now
@comboy 32: just so nobody thinks I’m stealing the name!