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love the colors!
Great first chapter! Looking forward to Ch.2!
I'm liking the name Echo
Sign me up for an owl lamp!

Also I'm loving their dynamic!
Is that an OWL LAMP????
Yes! Nickname time!
Also nice ref!
Oh I hope he gets a quirky nickname!
Someone who liked to make grand entrances on staircases, apparently.
That is one very pointy chandelier.
No spiders? It's an abandoned house?

Also I love how you shaded the last 2 panels!
Snappy dresser
I love all the expressions on this page!
So wait, does his size change depending on the size of the mirror? It makes sense that it would, be kinda odd to just see like, half his face or something.
Yikes, what a disaster!
He's just so DONE right now.
He looks pretty cute in the 2nd panel, what with those big ol' eyes.
So this place still has power then, if the security system is active. That's good.
Wolves we can handle! Coyotes on the other hand...
Neither of my cats can meow correctly either. One goes 'maum' the other goes 'mep'
Congrats on the Comic Spotlight!