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*insert Mr. Krab's scuttling sounds here*
that 3rd panel his FACE

also OOF
Never leave home without it!
It dawns on me that thieves must not have a crippling fear of heights.
He saved the duck!
Guy's just doin his best!
I can only hope when the smoke clears there's like, his calling card or something left behind!
The nerve of some people.
"You don't have to be so rough!"
I like their dynamic
What is the function of a rubber duck?
That de-escalated quickly
This is giving my Lupin vibes and I'm loving it! He walked right into that one.
Thieving from the thief!
"........well crap"
I like how it doesn't just start small and build up, just EXPLODES
When in doubt, MORE FOG!
This is really exciting!
What a beautiful bird!
honestly it's fun trying to guess how it'd gonna play out!