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Thieving from the thief!
"........well crap"
I like how it doesn't just start small and build up, just EXPLODES
When in doubt, MORE FOG!
This is really exciting!
What a beautiful bird!
honestly it's fun trying to guess how it'd gonna play out!
A fishboy eating cheesy feesh. It'd be if we ate animal crackers in the shape of people.
6 years? That IS a bit of time...
love the colors!
Great first chapter! Looking forward to Ch.2!
I'm liking the name Echo
Sign me up for an owl lamp!

Also I'm loving their dynamic!
Is that an OWL LAMP????
Yes! Nickname time!
Also nice ref!
Oh I hope he gets a quirky nickname!
Someone who liked to make grand entrances on staircases, apparently.
That is one very pointy chandelier.
No spiders? It's an abandoned house?

Also I love how you shaded the last 2 panels!
Snappy dresser