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Oh wow I really like the song! And now I'm listening to it while looking at the next page and I'm loving how the music blends with the drawings (Does this make sense? lol), it's really cool! :)
Aw, this page is so cute!! I like Makensie, he's so optimistic~ (I can see why Jigsaw fell for him haha!)

I also like his heart belt lol. And Jigsaw's hat. :)
Omg I am so surprised this comic doesn't have more fans!!!! Seriously this is a REALLY amazing comic! Love the colors, expressions, characters, storyline~ Pretty much everything haha! Your comic is unique and beautiful, and I'm so excited to see how this story progresses! <3
Really gorgeous page!! Love the colors~ <3
Lol!! Love their expressions on this page! :)

Especially Jigsaw in the last panel hahaha!
Oh wow! This is really cool, like how it's going in a semi-circle. Love your coloring and the expressions you give your characters!!! :)
Yay! I'm so glad Eric isn't getting married!! Aw Ariel looks so cute with the flower background!

By the way, I love your icon! Love DBSK and Jaejoong. :)
Hahaha I remember this part in the movie!! My friends and I were like "Wooow bad actress" lol.
Lol@the "Stalker!?" and "What!?? No! Eww!" part hahaha. :)
Omg my birthday is November 6th too!

Cool. :)

And lol@last panel "Bed hair" hahaha.
Hahaha it's the librarian!!

You can keep making jokes about her, I never get tired of them. ;)

Why is the naked librarian in Sam's mind though?

Ew lol.
Lol!! I love the dad. xD
Yay bulk update lol! :)

I love the 3rd panel, it's so sweet. <3
Ooh Monday is jealous! I love the "Die die die" part. xD

Ren is very interesting, I can't wait to see more of him! ;)
Wow such fast updates!!

I just faved this story and now there's an update lol.

Your art is sooo pretty, I love how it's not the typical anime art style. :)

And this page is so adorable, I love how surprised Tommy looks, and the little heart!

I can't wait to see more! <3
Wow I really love the new style, it is soo cute!! :)

Bart looks so happy to be getting out lol and vampire girl's eyes look really pretty in the last panel.
Omg so cute!

I love their little suits and how one brother is missing a tooth lol! :)
"Watermelon"...oh s-so romantic. <3

Lol jk, but this page is totally hot, I love the upside-down chicken, it's adorable!

And of course the saliva in the last panel. ;)

Maybe he's saying Clover tastes like watermelon? Just a guess. xD
Aw I think Truffles looks cute as a girl!

I definitely wouldn't mind if you made him a girl, there's enough bl on this site already lol.

I'll keep reading your comic whether it's bl or not, so do whatever you think is right. :)
Omg the curl!! xD

This comic is soo funny. :)