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Guys, don't worry speedy that much. I do think he already has his part of brain which is used to sense pain already malfunctioning, so he won't feel pain. Welp, maybe it started malfunctioning after the last one he got his head hit ~u~
Dun tell me Mana would also join the love battle for Speedy XD
I'd rather Mana say "Papa Speedy!!" XD
I just scrolled through the comments and a lot of them seemed to like Mana. Maybe you shud make her appear more in the story? ~u~
Just go to the deviantart, he posts faster there X3 also, he got some extra scenes that aren't posted here. You know that *censored* kissed Speed? (No spoil, but it's not lazuli nor silvia X3)
I think it's not actually sunshine, remember the part when a flareon (frost's teammate) taking over speedy's body when a lucario attacked a professor's lab? I think it's him, which was somehow moved to flarey. Poor flarey QnQ
I think I'd agree with Loyka, like, if they really love your story, then creating account won't do much! It worth a lot af
Also, thx for posting the full version of chibi eevee in deviantart X3
Yayyyy! Thanks senpaiiiii!!!
Can you please post only the eevee couple in deviant art pleaseee? Fullscreen one X3
Thanks for the hardwork @PKM @co-author. .... ...sorry, I haven't remembered your name (I'm bad at this)
Also, it seems only an eeveelution failed to have her fun for the night X3
I'm not a guest so sure X3
Welp, which sleeping type are you guys? I'm just like Axel, barely stay in a place X3 (Welp, I do hope I'm as cute, but I don't think that'd happen ~u~)
Usually boys are the one trying to get to girl's room. Well this is fun X3
Welp, shud do updates more scheduled... But I still luv da story! And maybe need sum girl for shipping ~u~
His left eye turns blue!!
Right at this point I have a feeling they'll be a good partner XD
Not yet, there's sylvia there too :3
Welp, I can't bare to not comment TTuTT
Notice me senpaiii X3
Oh, can I know if you'd make a... uh... what do you call it, like SSEC. Song, and comic, uhm... well that's that. I hope you can make it too someday, it'd be pawmazing! ^u^