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Path of Life and Stone is a webcomic created by Laura MacLem (the writer) and Serena Marina Marenco (the artist).
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(clue: Tale as old as time...)
Your style is amazing. Well done, really!
@Geneseepaws: Yes, the publication has been going on for about 6 weeks and we are still trying to get noticed. :)
@Geneseepaws: Hi, I'm Serena, the one who does the drawings.
It is true that I use reference photos to paint the backgrounds, unfortunately I have not lived in northern Italy for several years and it is impossible, therefore, to paint them from life.
When I go to visit my family, usually once a year, I take my camera with me and, practically, I use it to take notes.
This is the first time I've tried to make a comic, I've always worked in a more realistic field, so I've remained in the habit of working in this way, studying landscapes from photographs.
As for the characters, yes, I use photos taken by me for those too.
I'm so glad you asked, Lucia! We've created a webcomic just to tell about.