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Well I'm weird and for this site I really like eeveelution squad...

Also the picture comes from TerminalMontage's video about kirby
The small text says "This is a christian channel

Check out TerminalMontage on youtube. It's funny
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I knew PKM had a helper. If you look at the page where we are all getting this from, there are 2 profiles
Holy crud, way to break the third wall
What the heck, is this fluffy?
Is this a doctor strange reference???
Can someone explain what's going on here?!
@silverpelt360 I would use glaceon and sylveon, cuz they are my favs
@Glitched well not in my country, it isn't, but what countrys even allow that?
@Karma Chan the blue espeon yt noooooooooo not that, that's not alright, not at all, just nooooooooooo
@Mak33n I'll be honest, that video made me jump a little bit
This has been the longest chapter to exist thus far
I dont belong here. I feel like I'm invading....
Oh boy, I wonder if speed and flare are about to get exposed
No @DarkFireEevee, that is not going to be there because it was it was destroyed and then Lazuli found it and used it as a night light...
Not that I know of.
@InfernoTFD are you saying that you dont support the lazuli and speed ship????
Well he isn't very nice at the moment...
Also this special chapter is longer than the normal chapters