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Well I'm weird and for this site I really like eeveelution squad...

Also the picture comes from TerminalMontage's video about kirby
The small text says "This is a christian channel

Check out TerminalMontage on youtube. It's funny
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@Jarhead292 it has basically been confirmed.
Is it just me or does sylvia in panel 1 make you uncomfortable???
@DarkFireEevee oh I saw PKM say that pannel 5 on that page that what is there wasn't fluffy.
@DarkFireEevee Dear God, I see what you I think. Was it one of PKM's comments on the page.
Ok good, we are all good, speed was trying to warn sylveon, nothing else
But I have a feeling it has something to do with mana, or when she was an eevee, which is why speed would know.
@DarkFireEevee maybe he grabbed sylveon because he might have questions about why he was pulled over there in the first place, I have a feeling it was a little more than telling him to spend time with eevee, especially since sylveon was the one who spilled the beans about Lazuli's interests.
Ya know, Vaporeon is kinda like cupid, if this was his/her first day on the job...
@TeranganPkmtrainer (btw that's a long name) now that I think about it, we know that Lazuli likes Speed, and in an extras page (dont know where) Speed is talking to Peral about stuff and that stuff is along the lines of love and Speed mentions that he dosnt hate Lazuli, but in fact sometimes he finds her cute. So I think that confirms it...
Also this is in response to your comment to my comment.
Huh this page is about just the opposite of speed x lazuli ship
Well really speeds busy and not a full grown adult, so if course he's not a good father, but it's better then Sunshine having to fend for herself instead
Also @DreamHorrendous I font think there is a pearl ship anymore...
Uhhhhhh good for u sunshine, but alrighty then...
I think Lazuli has other things on her mind near the end of this page
Hugo why did we need to know this?????
What is step 4 dang it (just joking)
Im still not 100% on whether CC is good or bad...