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WE ARE BACK FOLKS it's been a minute but we're ready for lift-off again! Below are some wee updates:

- This chapter cover was drawn by my friend Jaden, otherwise known as 0nklz online! Here is his site for you to check out more of his work:

- The first page is already up on my patreon! If you want 1 week early access to TEB pages and you'd like to directly support me then please consider becoming one of my $1+ patrons:

- If you like having physical copies of comics then you can buy the first issue of The Enchanted Book on my etsy! There's extra sketches and thumbnails at the back of the book and the pages have undergone a bit of plastic surgery for the print version so go take a look:
Here are the official return dates for chapter 2! I hope you're excited!! :D
End of Chapter One!
Hooray! Thank you all TEB readers for your patience & understanding during the breaks this comic has been on, it's been a long year and a half..!
The Enchanted Book will be going on another long pause until the end of June/early July so that I can get the second chapter written, thumbnailed and with any luck, get some pages done!
I'll be posting more sketches & behind the scenes stuff over on my patreon in the meantime, so if you really like this webcomic & would like to support me as well as getting first dibs on updates, sketches and more, please consider supporting me on patreon! My goal is to reach $50/month where I'll start posting step-by-step processes of how I make TEB pages! ❤
We're back!
Thank you all so much again for your patience & words of support during this hiatus. My mum unfortunately lost her battle on Feb 16th, and it's been just the worst, most difficult time. I'm finally in a good place again when it comes to creating artwork though, so I'm looking forward to continuing this story. Thank you for reading! See you next week.
Return Dates
TEB will be returning on:
Patreon - April 24
Smackjeeves & Tapas - May 1

Thank you all so much again for your understanding and patience while updates have been on hold!
Incoming Hiatus
Hey folks, taking another indefinite hiatus... if you're a new reader, to fill you in my mum has been battling brain cancer since July. As I'm writing this, the condition has become terminal and it looks like we only have a few days left with her, so I'm taking a break from now (8/2/19) until at least March. Thank you for understanding.
We're back! Hooray!!
Hi folks - so things haven't been looking positive for mum, meaning that I'm still not able to dedicate the time I'd like to for The Enchanted Book. This means that the new dates for its return will be:

PATREON: Jan 23rd

Thank you again for all your patience!!
Christmas Break
Hiyas! Just letting you know that TEB will be on a break over Christmas! It'll be returning here & on tapas on January 16th, but updates will come back a week early on my patreon on the 9th. More info over here on my patreon:

Merry christmas & happy new year!!
All caught up! See you on the 7th! (If you want early access to pages, consider supporting me on patreon~ ❤ )
This chapter cover was drawn by Sarah Holliday! You can find more of her work over on instagram:
From now until page 16 I'll be uploading every 3 hours until the comic is caught up with the pages already posted on tapas; then The Enchanted Book will update every Wednesday from November 7th!