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Marcianek strikes back with amazing detail once again. <3
Bardzo fajny double-page. :) I dalej jestem zakochana w kozach. <3
Renka faces best faces!
Also, that penguin stare on the last panel. So goddamn precious. xD
Wooo... Drama incoming? @w@
Is the village under attack by the goat god? 8D
(And Malaiim is too precious.)
Pyramidhead has nothing on her. xD
Also, is it just me, or is this guy getting more and more handsome with each panel...
Those teary sadfaces are the best. xD
Also, that room... and all of the detailsssss... Have I mentioned how much I love the details in your work yet? You're absolutely crazy with those.
Those detailsssss...
Honestly, every single panel in this thing is a standalone work of art. That interior looks amazing. And cute Renka is cute. :D
Double pages are the best. <3
I'm still in awe with the amount of detail you're going with (those goat horns, damn) and I'm eager to see how the story develops beyond what I've already seen so far. :3
*patiently waits for more*
And I am still amazed by your attention to detail. <3
It's definitely lovely!
Nakurwiaj salta, będzie co śledzić, czytać i podziwiać. <3