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Hey guys. DarkFlame here. For those of you who are interested in the comic me and are writing, don’t worry, it’s not discontinued, we’re just going through some stuff. Should update soon. Also, I’m working on a new comic called ‘the child of mew’, which is a comic turned story on FanFiction, so look out for that.

Also, In case you didn’t notice, i'm addicted to all things Pokemon
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The exclamation mark on the ‘clink’ made he subconsciously give the coins a personality...

I looked at this and thought

‘I could right more on this than what I do in history tests’

It has a more crispness to it, giving it a whole different affect to it, but loosing the old effect. Well, you can’t have best of both worlds and that’s my opinion

Happy anniversary as well! 😊
Huh... that’s exactly how I imagined him in colour!
Oh god, as a ‘smart-ass above my awesomeness in your face student’, I’d be crying and sobbing and raging over a D. I get upset with a B 🤣. Cheer up, you’ll improve
That first panel


I need her in my life
February 20th, 2019
I only noticed the face on the postbox after reading it for The theirs time, and I made it way more emotional for me

Also, I think she’s been invited to hogwarts
I love his outfit so much
February 20th, 2019
Ah, well now it is obvious

To tame a dragon, I need to go buy a necklace
Dun dun dunnnn...
Awww, poor thing
Me *jumps into living room with bored family* Hey! I’m doing something!

Family: *glances at me* mh *look away from me again*

Riley you lucky bast-
I know exactly what’s going through his mind at this... ze leon, ze witch e ze waderob
Whenever someone mentions irony I think of that one science joke hung up in the labs in my class...

Well, whatever your going through in real life, negative or not, we’ll be waiting 😊