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Yeah, we hope it will. But since there’s two of us we need to discuss what’s going on and stuff because unless we plan ahead, the story line’s going to seam really confusing

And thanks
Oy, when that ‘cat’ evolves, they and i’re gonna give them a right beating
I love their faces in the third panels... and hello little red riding hood
@Aura9301: a flying dragon cat and a psychic dark leopard. The beauty of poke fusions

I feel ashamed that that’s the first comment that comes to my mind
I like the tree, it seams out of place though.... the buildings are well done as well
Oh boy, go full on last resort on them
@WiispNightmare: I did think that when I was drawing it, so I tried to make some little differences, like the slightly pinker purple colour, and a longer than unusual tail as well as the limbs
I got two mew fusions here. (I love mew) which one do you prefer? ^.^
I love the contrast of the two eeveelutions personalities 🤣
I love it! And your comics! Wooo congrats! That’s a big milestone!