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Hey guys. DarkFlame here. I’ve been wanting to make a comic called ‘Child Of Mew’ which is a Fanfiction made by DarkFoxKit on Fanfiction (with her permission of course) However, I am aware that I am not especially... skilled enough at art for the comic to start yet with the same quality of DarkFoxKit’s brilliant Fanfiction, so until then I’ve got an Art Dump Thing for me to post my progress and for you all to see!

Also, In case you didn’t notice, i'm addicted to all things Pokemon, and imma getting deep into Legend Of Zelda!

Plus imma Sassy Lil Gal ٩( ᐛ )و
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Noooo! Don’t cry! You’ll make me cry!
I’d say yo did a good job with the trees to be fair
Wait... she’s shiny? Well, take time on your hiatus
How do they keep getting better?!?
Can’t wait for you to try again :3
Never have I been able to relate more
Memes are to come with this design
Clearly it’s a luxury boat