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Me when I'm trying to catch shinies in the safari zone

I love Luther
ESPECIALLY when they are vague
Links expression in panel 6 is PRICELESS
“A pikachu named...” aww man, I think we know what’s going down ^.^
Aw shit. I can’t say this is t relatable, but it’s so understandable, it’s making me tear up ;-;
Link looks so cute in 4th panel ^.^
'specimen'? bit rude...
I love Pikachu in these panels
I had to read ur comment 5 times to understand it 🤣

Good chapter cover btw, brilliant idea
Someone looks a bit roughed up
I’m not crying IM NOT CRYING
Wait, about the siblings and the fact she thinks she knows them all......
Me as an atheist is having mixed feelings about this 😂

I want to see how Luther will react tho
Tereza sounded so cocky in the first panel, and then Karin burst her bubble on the next two panels. Ha ha.. ha ha *not thinking about every time she was in Tereza’s Situation. Because if she starts thinking... the list is infinate*
Remove ‘sad’ and that’s my life in a nutshell 😂
Tobi, chill....