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Hey guys. DarkFlame here. I’m working on a new comic called ‘the child of mew’, which is a comic turned story on FanFiction, so look out for that, pretty excited about that, if I’m honest

Also, In case you didn’t notice, i'm addicted to all things Pokemon
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Someone who can’t relate to Mikala is not human
Female main protagonist! Woop!

Anywho, I can’t help but say well done for the shading! I’m really impatient myself, and just looking at me makes me shudder 🤣
The simplicity of the third panel is effective and funny

Especially the Shinx (sorry, can’t remeber their name or if their name was given in the... -comic we do not speak of-
I love all of your profile pics 🤣

Also, Kishi’s face on panel 6 🤣
You got dis!
Subtitles: *sad music plays*

Death people: 😭😭😭
Finaly someone draws the eyes correct on a catapie!
I swear, if you disappoint us and tell me this ain’t evolution I’m gonna be well mad!
No crying of split milk
I love the zoroa’s expression in the first panel 🤣
I love how you draw atticus in these panels. Beautiful!
I should hope so