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I think it's speedy who threw the rock. Also I called it I said speedy could kick some tail.
Lol but no not an evil umbreon!
I like Merci's new look and also thank you for another 2 pages of this amazing comic keljo.
kishi needs hugs stat and whoever made the adorable fluff ball cry is going to pay big time.
"slow clap."
Sunshine is adorable! Great work as all ways pkm!
@Thefinal1: He was given a healing factor.
amazing as all ways kel-jo!
BOI! This looks good.
What is happening to fluffy
This is good for Fluffy he's learning and growing.
It's all good.
Looks great to me.
great job as all ways
Hello I've played the game and I love it pokemon colosseum is one of my favorite games look forward to this comic!
FLARE DO IT HUG HER!!! Also soclose to confirmed ships! yes!
no prob just sayin what i think
Hats off to you shadowstalker both yevltal and raquaza in normal and mega form look absolutely badass.