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Emily the shy sylveon

As many know, I'm leaving Smack Jeeves. Though, this wasn't really a surprise, at all.

This photo is a picture of me from a while ago in 2018.
  • Real Name
    Jayda Sierra Rose Ellis (or Jesus, either one works)
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Leafy cannot be thinking about Flare considering the fact that she has an upset look on her face, whereas if she was thinking about Flare, she would be joyful and happier than that. This leads me to believe that she's thinking about her father instead, it would explain her sad face.
Me too mate except mine are literally shit and a half
Makes enough sense.

Speedy self-rekt counter of this chapter:1
Wow. Dis be very deep doode.
"somehow I just remembered this a few minutes ago"

@Emc_502: how good are you? Amazing, moderate, or trash?
@AirRaid: play me in smash, and I will destroy you. Link, my main, is overpowered when I play him. Not to mention my second main is S-tier, Sheik.
Link has been my main since brawl. Other than Link, I main Sheik.
@Ima Fishtick: aren't you in... actually, where in hell are you?
@Ima Fishtick: why would you send him videos of me? I ship like every weekend, and I'm trash.
A GBA ac adapter? Jeez, that's a rare find these days.
@Ima Fishtick: No problem, buddy ol' pal!
(I'll never say that again!)

Also, why did you call Hamilton Hamilham on the ES Rp site?