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the realization that I wouldn't mind the gorgon boy with the possible serial killer because of Mayce's brother's comment about not being good enough bludgeoned me XD
yum yum yum yum yum yum XD wow I haven't seen his face but I live him already
HA XD poor wee lamb
@Amarok: there’s a difference between being cruel in their teasing and being affectionate. I’m hoping he’s affectionately teasing and not going to hurt him
here's to hoping Des isn't cruel to him in terms of teasing
this is such a tender moment. and i can only imagine Kim's utter terror when he sees Kylee hurt like that. he lost his sister and mom. he can't lose Kylee. god I'm sniffling.
you know explained like that she does have a point (and I wanna know who hurt her before poor lamb) and he's not in a place where he can choose one or the other, having a freak out when he woke up with a stiffie for the boy in his bed. hopefully she can be nicer! but also hopefully they can all work something out!
the "I did not sign up for this!" face XD poor guys. does connor even realize he's horny?
hun, that was no nightmare. but you might get freaked out if he tells you what it was XD
I actually really like this jock character? I went into this going "oh, not another one, but I'm a sucker for these stories because jock/skater is my weakness" but then he's NOT a jerk? and super polite and kind to EVERYONE? and humble? and sweet? and I would DIE for your cinnamon bun okay? and how he phrased this is really amazing like wow.

"you can't be cruel based on who he is and what he may or may not want" he's aware of the crush, or at least suspects, but is admonishing in a way that makes her realize it's really kind of dumb to pointlessly hate him? like DAMN he's such a cutie I love him.

and he loves and supports his friend who is gay and this is the most adorable boy we must protect him.

sorry, okay, I'm done XD I'm just MMMM!!! so in love!!!
Harper is such a sweetie and so polite! I love this little baby so much~<3 can't wait to see more!
Connor you are the sweetest drunk boy. But Hank is gonna die, you are a robot on a human male lol
HIS FACE OH MY GOD “I am considering giving you one now sweetie” AHHHHH
Of all the ones he chose, it was that one!!! XD poor Hank!!
Poor guy. At least she’s honest as to what he will be to the king
When the necromancer would die for you to be happy...that’s true love. Just saying
What a bitch honestly
Boys no. NO. Baby I know you excited but shooting stars happen often. Stay inside and read. Don’t get hurt.