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Harper is such a sweetie and so polite! I love this little baby so much~<3 can't wait to see more!
Connor you are the sweetest drunk boy. But Hank is gonna die, you are a robot on a human male lol
HIS FACE OH MY GOD “I am considering giving you one now sweetie” AHHHHH
Of all the ones he chose, it was that one!!! XD poor Hank!!
Poor guy. At least she’s honest as to what he will be to the king
When the necromancer would die for you to be happy...that’s true love. Just saying
What a bitch honestly
Boys no. NO. Baby I know you excited but shooting stars happen often. Stay inside and read. Don’t get hurt.
She is trying SO HARD and it’s so funny
You’ll find out more bout him later I just thought you’d like to see the one Honey gets his hair from lol. Daniel’s been through a LOT more than the other deal makers. While he does believe in God, (kinda hard not to making deals with devils) he neither trusts nor respects the heavenly entity. Johnny’s neutral, Daniel is not. He has anxiety but makes a real good living being a lawyer. Moonlights as a singer/guitarist.
Hanks just getting an unwanted ride on the emotional roller coaster ain’t he?
I don’t know if Connor is being extremely naive with a poor choosing of words cuz he’s drunk or if he knows what he’s doing but either way
I know, first chapter was only six pages. Chapter two will be much longer!
The first sketch I ever did of Honey and Mizzy, way before they even got their names! Honey has pretty short hair here lol. No less thick though. Honey is 147 lbs. he’d be 123 lbs if you cut off his hair. I hadn’t even plotted what Honeys face would be, i just wanted to draw this. As the hover text says, he plays goofy. As in he’s left handed and plays his guitar like Kurk Cobaine did. Goofy. Mizzy was gonna be tougher, this didn’t last long
So if anyone is wondering his birth name is Honey. And he knows full well what sort of demon he was given to.
So this is Honey’s love interest! No, he’s not very nice. At least not right now.
Daniel is from a cartoon adaptation of a short story I changed to fit my needs, but mostly is still the same. Johnnie actually played the devil twice, that song has a sequel. Tildie is an original character based loosely off a Missouri story where she used wordplay to win herself a husband. Clever girl.

They are all still alive, all are immortal and currently loving it. We will meet them all in a bit!
So this is Honey! Slight southern accent and voice to make angels weep. Seems lost on the girl though!
I feel like he’s still asleep and this is the sister that died.