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Broken arm, next page, minimum.
Welp, we know how Alice dies now. Everyone has a bad time in this chapter.
Well *that's* ominous.
Oh for deities sake Susan, think for a moment. You have to deal with him if Anna does, and driving her towards him is going to put you in danger as well. If you won't take the route of, you know, actually being pleasant, at least have a sense of self-preservation...
@Alex Neeley

Oh, no, Susan might be right about the guy, but what I'm saying is that if the author is trying to make Susan sympathetic going forward, like this arc might be trying to...well, they've got a lot of work to do.
Don't care about Susan (mixed up Susan and Anna earlier).
She's pretty awful. I mean, sure, she's Hyde, but still, awful.
If Anna gets hurt...yeah, I don't care all that much. After everything she's done I really have no sympathy for her.
This is gonna be gud.
This will probably be satisfying
September 21st, 2018
Just found this. This is excellent and terrible and horrifying and great and oh my god I love it.