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Braixen Love
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There is no possible way Alex could be sad now hugs are the cure to everything.
Anger issues!
*says in a weird mocking voice*

Sorry I had too
I'm a new reader (somehow) and i just realized how much more I have to read this comic is really gonna be good! :D
Also I'm a big pokemon fan and originally started this account for another series about pokemon I'm reading so that might explain my profile for you. :D
@Pixel Brush: oops yeah sounds about like me to do something like that I forget everything I have to read pages twice before i consume even a little information and even when I think I'm right I'm usually wrong so yeah it does work really well sorry
@Julian or Yoshidakid: That name might seem reasonable and the entire comic is called Aezae's Tales but Aezae didn't start the group and was hesitant to join it in the first place but it is a good guess
To be honest though I think Mya's right Derek is a weird name for a riolu.
The moment we've all been waiting for!

This team is going to be awesome!
@pixlyJolt Sorry, I didn't see that I was in a rush when I read this page and sorry this is extremely late I just noticed you replied to this while checking through my gmail
You know I like how the pikachu looks I really thing all pikachu should look like that.

I know it's random I just really like the style.
I'm Trying to figure out what pokemon that is but it's really blurred probably because it's being thrown through the air
It says an legit explorer it should be a legit explorer because an only comes in front of words that start with vowels.

Sorry i had to correct it.Hope you enjoyed your grammar lesson kids!
Yeah, just what friends are for(My friend has the flu though)
I feel like getting first on this is all some people care about no offense though
I'm pretty sure he's talking about Leafeon he's helping Glaceon to please Leafeon I mean thats just what I think
We may have to start the Speedy rekt count again.
Wait what if everyone is just hoping for this and it ends up being all the other shipped couples XD

(I'm overthinking it I know.)
I'm surprised Lazuli didn't freak when Speedy
patted her on the head I mean she only freaked out when he caught her blushing not from him patting her on the head.
R.I.P MIMI!We miss you!T^T
Dead on the inside but... Mimi:*Runs up and hugs Jordan*