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Whoopedy doo.
Here we go. I suppose Leafy will learn NOT to give Flareon chocolate. I detect a berserk Flareon here soon.
I seriously think that "old man" killed Lazuli's mother.
@wowek2: Maybe more like a guardian angel.
Still wonder why the Pokemon in this say "KYA" when startled. PKM, why do you do this?
Aaaaand here we go...
So it's apparent that, tch, Speedy x Lazuli is the official ship.
(My reaction to Lazuli getting jumpscared)
PAHAHAHAhahaha!!!!! (You can tell I like seeing people getting scared by something)
@RioluDude Woof: um... I think we can probably see the _relationship_ between the two.
About the eyes...
Sylvia, I believe your eyes are a deeper blue than the blue from the Heart Swap. Although it's still harder to notice, it's still quite a bit more noticeable than you think.
Shiny spotted...
Oh no another SHINY!
Potential shiny.
I think the Absol might also be a shiny.
Shiny spotted!
The Solosis (I think that's the name) is a SHINY! It's like, gel or whatever is BLUE, and it's little nucleus is not so green.
@RioluDude Woof: nnnnno. Not for me, unless it's friendly like Fluffy is, or just not very demon-ish.
@Flaming_Eclipse: it's a good thing I made an account, or managed to do so.
Aaww, I never thought a virus could be so cute. So cute, kind, and innocent. Unless enraged, of course.