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Devil May Cry fanboy, World of Warcraft player (For the Horde!), comic maker, website owner, forum poster, bored alot...
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Hey, Zonichu, remember me? I'm the guy who owns that forum where you advertised your shitty comic. :)
I still dont know why they dont have speech tails. How am I supposed to know who is talking?
The speech bubbles need tails. And I have no idea whats going on, why is yellow guy dead?

Edit: You spelt "squad" wrong.
Its "there" not "their".
Why dont the speech bubbles have tails? Its hard to see who is talking with it like that.
Wow, only 5 fans. Damn.
All you did was recolor, therefore you cant take any credit for it. Everything here is owned by the creator on MFZ.
You know that Metal Sonic cant talk, right?
I dont really get the joke. Wait, is there a joke on this panel? >_<
Because SmackJeeves doesnt have enough author comics? Come on, do some inie work for christs sake, I'm sick of seeing author comics. >_>"
Why is Shadow bigger than Sonic? Aren't they supposed to be the same size?
LOL U FUNNY!!111!!1111111

Yes, that was sarcasm. >_>
Can you join my site, Insane Gaming? Its a forum about video games. I think you'd like it. =D
If you know your comic fails, why do you continue?
Roxxie? xP

BTW, the pixel art's ears kinda look like earings. =/
"What just happened?"
"That was me"

I lol'd
I'd like to say that I got this joke from a certain SmackJeevers. Sadly, I dont remember his name, since I dont believe he comes here anymore, and that he deleted his comic.

But you can't steal a joke if you give credit, right?
...Right? D:
Yes, I olo'd. UD it, kthx.

Alright, cool. Hope ya comic keeps doin well, it seems good so far. ^.^