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Animal artist / comic creator from the US. Author of the webcomics Cynanthropy and Lucid Dream
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@Toxicodendron: very true. at some point, I have to let the story conclude itself before my motivation takes a nosedive. thanks for reading so far :D
And so we reach the last chapter! This is just a glimpse into Rajadan's past. We don't need his entire life story, but what we WILL see this chapter is the beginning of his descent, some good Fluffman, and the conclusion to this fun (and a little dumb) comic.
I love the dynamic between these two
Mon/Fri updates aren't working anymore so I'll be going to random updates for right now
@downer36: woo! glad to have you on board
@IconicAnemone: you can just search the comic on here and fav it that way. I dunno how to add a favorite tab
Finally we've caught up with the most recent page! No set schedule from now on, but I'm trying to stick with 10 pages/month
Thanks for sticking around despite lack of updates, and I assure you this comic will return. It'll probably be around September/October, or whenever I finish Cynanthropy. For now, take this offering of Oliver and Kaya listening to music and zoning the hell out.
@Toxicodendron: a perfect plan in which absolutely nothing can go wrong!
@Guest: it sure did
congrats on finishing such an engaging and well-done comic!
great expressions on this page!
oh man, the colors in this page are gorgeous. and loving Rig's pose in the last panel. powerful gorl
TSOD will be taking a break for a couple weeks so I can build up my page buffer. Thanks for reading so far C:
@WarDragonComic: thank you! that's great to hear :D
congrats on 40 pages! looking forward to what happens next :D
thank god this isn't in color
oh no