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Animal artist / comic creator from the US. Author of the webcomics Cynanthropy and Lucid Dream
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@Hardychuckle: LD is coming back late 2019 (probably lol)
double update because I forgot to post last Monday!
quality drop warning! the remakes have ended and it's time to experience some old jpeggy art
aaand back to high school art! :,D oh boy

yeah, it's gonna look like this for a while. but I'm still proud of each and every page (sort of), so keep reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story
ugh, this comic is gonna kill me
@Seruta: SHRUG
I'm slow with these, but once I finish redrawing chapter 1 (which will be soon), I'll post the entire comic here
bye buddy!
always talk to strangers
schedule switching to Mondays and Fridays because I'm impatient
@Songdog: heck yeah! thanks :)
poor Rig :( at least Deadwood wasn't insensitive about it
@LordOfPandemonium21: good to hear! I do try to illustrate these feelings accurately, considering I've been through a lot of them
@Cytiles: thank you!!
what do you dream about, bug boy?
I admire how frequently you pump out these pages, and how the story keeps sucking me in every time :'D it's so good!
reminds me of the beast of Gevaudan
@Azriel: thank you :)