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Animal artist / comic creator from the US. Author of the webcomics Cynanthropy and Lucid Dream
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Mon/Fri updates aren't working anymore so I'll be going to random updates for right now
@downer36: woo! glad to have you on board
@IconicAnemone: you can just search the comic on here and fav it that way. I dunno how to add a favorite tab
Finally we've caught up with the most recent page! No set schedule from now on, but I'm trying to stick with 10 pages/month
Thanks for sticking around despite lack of updates, and I assure you this comic will return. It'll probably be around September/October, or whenever I finish Cynanthropy. For now, take this offering of Oliver and Kaya listening to music and zoning the hell out.
@Toxicodendron: a perfect plan in which absolutely nothing can go wrong!
@Guest: it sure did
congrats on finishing such an engaging and well-done comic!
great expressions on this page!
oh man, the colors in this page are gorgeous. and loving Rig's pose in the last panel. powerful gorl
TSOD will be taking a break for a couple weeks so I can build up my page buffer. Thanks for reading so far C:
@WarDragonComic: thank you! that's great to hear :D
congrats on 40 pages! looking forward to what happens next :D
thank god this isn't in color
oh no
@Hardychuckle: LD is coming back late 2019 (probably lol)
double update because I forgot to post last Monday!
quality drop warning! the remakes have ended and it's time to experience some old jpeggy art