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arctic flame
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I wonder if that’s one of the banished ones
I'm pretty sure he's healed. his eye is back and its pure yellow. man things just got interesting. question is will rig be replaced?
I didn’t even think of that but we are still watching a deers survival but being a demon is definitely a goal. My bad lol
@Frost Fox: I don't think thats possible. Deadwood devours bone and all. Theres nothing left to revive.

Ha...I could only imagine what the underground would look like if all that was left of the victims were the skeletons.
He’s got a name rig lol
We are basically just seeing rigs life in play. There’s really no end goal but to survive xD
@Sazkey88: ohhhhhhhh alright, I was confused xD
when did he lose his eye?
Her comment to pace saying nothings changed since you were a pup is a sarcastic remark but in Rigs case, it was just a fact she stated xD
It’s payback time xD
Probably to soon to make that joke xD
arctic flame
February 5th, 2019
I wonder how he even got in there. without them noticing xD
I think I know whats going on but I kinda need clarification, did it die inside her or was it a premature birth?
I’m quite curious on what made him stop that split second, I seen the word sniff on his nose in the second panel so I wonder?’d think it’d taste like...leopard...Ha! I hate myself xD
huh, I was expecting them to chase it away not eat it. Thats just messed up, savages xD
Man, rig just keeps throwing all that weight around xD

Welp, I guess thats easy pickings if they track her into the forest
arctic flame
January 20th, 2019
@VadanDrumist: I get that, I really do. but come on xD and for the second comment, most likely. Its probably just some "religious" type of thing they do thinking sacrificing someone will give them the right to eat in safety. (this also gives me a watership down vibe, I liked the Netflix version. Definitely not as bloody as the first movie.)
arctic flame
January 20th, 2019
I was curious how the rabbit was getting food so often and surviving the "jump." No gonna lie, I love this comic so far but I'm baffled with the fact a rabbit must die every time they eat. Like, there must be a lot of rabbits or they just don't eat that often. Or maybe I'm just over thinking it xD
but from the looks of it, they are not with the widower and have no idea about deadwood and could very easily fall for her ricks. Unless they figure out who she is and runs away