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arctic flame
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I mean its snow, follow them tracks xD
@SanjanaIndica: same, I just finished a request with a wolf eating another wolf. I'm debating with myself if I should post it on deviantart xD
Maybe the tiger has babies?
I love these already, glad to see you still doing comics CX
Can tell moose ain’t excited at all
soooo, she's just been away from the battle for some time now?
geez I wonder who spooked him so much
That's a whole mood right there
he should've just taken the car
@YolkenEgg: Biro: Nero! You're gonna get blood on my but!

well that didn't take long..
@SanjanaIndica: its all those damn stripes xD there was gonna be a tiger in my group but I'm thinking of changing that lol
I'm loving all the deer comics coming to smackjeeves CX
oooooo is it the tiger I wonder?
I honestly wasn't expecting that, he's been pretty chill up until now xD
just to be clear, they weren't sparring, junior was taking off?
Of course Eso is hiding
I thought I recognized Ire in there xD took me in minute though lol
ooof the guilt