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arctic flame
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just to be clear, they weren't sparring, junior was taking off?
Of course Eso is hiding
I thought I recognized Ire in there xD took me in minute though lol
ooof the guilt
scars are for sure no laughing matter but can we jus acknowledge the scars on his right paw look like smily faces? xD
im also very intrigued on how the bad operate. like how is this virus affecting them, are they considered dead or what? xD
I get the whole karma's a bitch thing but now theres gonna be air born bad xD
absolutely love this comic so far. I do have a question about the "bad" though, with the most recent encounters, especially with the...elk I think it was that plucky and Tommy ran into, they seem pretty emotionless and one tracked minded with just infecting others, like that elks leg being broken didn't stop him from the chase...didnt even phase him but the wolf in the very beginning was exhausted and eventually gave up. Is there a certain amount of time to where they just go "blank" after being fully infected or am I just over thinking it. Im just curious why the wolf in the beginning reacted differently than the other bad we've seen.
I recognize Giheiz but not the other
It took me a few to realize what just happened xD
@plantangel: Ohhhhh alright, just glad I'm not crazy xD I do like the new prologue though. Momma was pretty. also, sorry about the whole ex thing
if I remember correctly, wasnt there an old prologue? I remember something being said that the father refused to chose a successor unless they sported his white fur? I was curious why the change...unless im wrong? I don't quite remember xD
FINALLY! so glad to see Mr wolf xD

Everyone seems to want something from trixie over here like dang girl, what you got?
I wonder if that’s one of the banished ones
I'm pretty sure he's healed. his eye is back and its pure yellow. man things just got interesting. question is will rig be replaced?
I didn’t even think of that but we are still watching a deers survival but being a demon is definitely a goal. My bad lol
@Frost Fox: I don't think thats possible. Deadwood devours bone and all. Theres nothing left to revive.

Ha...I could only imagine what the underground would look like if all that was left of the victims were the skeletons.
He’s got a name rig lol
We are basically just seeing rigs life in play. There’s really no end goal but to survive xD