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I like writing, voice acting, videography, singing, gaming, and sleeping.
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A diabetic with tactile sensitivity?
October 25th, 2019
@mandalorianjedi: Okay. Thanks for the history!
October 25th, 2019
I don't quite understand.
Okay, this one got me. Good job!
@mandalorianjedi: whelp, I'm stupid.
...But it's not even November yet...
"you lack something which the man she cheated on you with, doesn't"

Yah. Her!
What's your job? I'll help you find a better one!
I was expecting it to smash cut to her making a grown man cry or something.
I am honored!
Is it just me or is her shirt getting shorter and shorter...
Have a Jubilant Jenna Jirthday
The guy looks weird. He doesn't look relaxed. He almost looks like he's there against his will. Look at his face! It's like "I can't believe this is happening!"
If Jenna's mom and Jim's dad got married, that would make Jenna and Jim siblings... by law....
I'm surprised his parents didn't freak out when they learned he was dating Jenna.
I don't get it.
Mother? I thought she was Jenna. Glad you said something.
I don't understand why the picture is supposed to be funny.
Doing the horizontal mambo, parting the beard, shampooing the wookie, slamming the clam, violating the prime directive
I watched a video about Chris-chan. It's a really depressing story.