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I like writing, voice acting, videography, singing, gaming, and sleeping.
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I was expecting it to smash cut to her making a grown man cry or something.
I am honored!
Is it just me or is her shirt getting shorter and shorter...
Have a Jubilant Jenna Jirthday
The guy looks weird. He doesn't look relaxed. He almost looks like he's there against his will. Look at his face! It's like "I can't believe this is happening!"
If Jenna's mom and Jim's dad got married, that would make Jenna and Jim siblings... by law....
I'm surprised his parents didn't freak out when they learned he was dating Jenna.
I don't get it.
Mother? I thought she was Jenna. Glad you said something.
I don't understand why the picture is supposed to be funny.
Doing the horizontal mambo, parting the beard, shampooing the wookie, slamming the clam, violating the prime directive
I watched a video about Chris-chan. It's a really depressing story.
@Killsoty: If you mean a joke where Anwen makes a good point, then yes, he has made this joke before.
Who's Madison?
@mandalorianjedi: I am honored! Also, I didn't know you had kids!
I wanted to say that your most recent comics (like 2018) hadn't been as good as some of your older ones though some of your more recent comics (the past month or so) have been pretty good.

Two things I really liked about the old comics were the comments that would be left on the "blog" and, to a lesser extent, but still likable, Jenna's sister. Also, I liked it when Jenna attempted to include current trending stuff in her blog that people were into (like the ice bucket challenge). I could totally see Jenna trying or talking about the "Bird cage challenge".
@EmilyAnnCoons: I'm aware the US is the only one that uses it. I was aiming directly at Canada in this case. And like Killsoty said, "bold words for someone within invasion distance". Though I'm not sure how we are going to measure the distance.
@mandalorianjedi: True, only one country uses it, but that country is comprised of over 300 million people (ten times more people than you have). Besides, even kids in the US know the difference between a foot and a yard and you couldn't even get that right for a comic making fun of the system. My irony detector is going off.
I don't have a beaver. Can I take care of yours, Jenna?
@mandalorianjedi: I thought the early comic about the difference between girls and guys would give Marth some insight about Jenna.