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I'm an artist from Ireland! I hope to create a successful comic series some day :)
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March 8th, 2019
@Guest: Not dead! I started a new job literally a week or so after I posted the end of chapter 1 and within that time and now I was then working a second job too. I'm back down to one now and while I won't be able to get back to Tento right away, it is definitely on my radar. Chapter 2 is entirely sketched out, it's just a matter of lining it up.
November 18th, 2018
@Cave: I appreciate it!
October 24th, 2018
@Serenityheart: I'm glad you are!!! Things get more exciting
October 8th, 2018
@Cave: Only the finest quality maps for our heroes!
October 8th, 2018
@Cave: Thank you!!! I'm excited but a little bit terrified of building new towns and layouts in further chapters haha
September 30th, 2018
Chapter 1 is not finished!
This is page 15/55 for Chapter 1, I'll continue to release the rest periodically, so bare with me for a bit!

I'll be releasing pages early over at my Patreon:
September 25th, 2018
Coming Soon!
Tento will officially begin soon!