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Hard of hearing dragonfly and pokemon enthusiast
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August 14th, 2019
Wowie, congrats on finish! I can't remember when I first started reading, but it's been one wild ride. Best of luck on your future works!!
Sorry folks, I told myself if I couldn't get the next page in today, I'd announce another (unplanned) hiatus. The issue this time: bathroom remodeling hell, amongst other things. It's gonna looks so great guys, I'm doing this elaborate Flemish design using marble-lookalike and the shower stall has a BENCH but also my hands are now covered in concrete so uhh

I'm shooting for Aug 26/27th as my next update day. I'll keep trying. Hope everyone is having a great summer!
Haahahaha honestly, Red probably didn't need any justification for deciding on obliterating Blue with Numerous Pidgeys (Will they even evolve?!?!), but this does make it feel all the sweeter!
@PJSam: It's how my dog eats when we put something like hamburger in his food bowl hahahaha
@RogueCail: That's the dream, thanks!
@comercole: Not just any fish, ~*Fancy Fish*~
yikes lol, hopefully y'all are used to my random updates by now. In the meantime, may I interest you in this h o r f
Welcome back!! Time to fight a bunch of babies awww
Nothing is ever straightforward hahahaha
Was Swanna really that good??
@Shotgun Chuck: He does yeah hahahahaha, nobody is allowed to talk to Wes without getting the staredown
@MercenaryX: I really appreciate it!! Adding details is hard but sooo worth it
@comercole: Thanks! It makes for a pretty convenient way to exposition dump haha
The day I finish a page ahead of when it's supposed to go up, the day I celebrate like hell...

Also, I'm honestly really not liking the pen display, contrary to like every single opinion on the tablet vs display debate. I feel like I'm really hurting my back and wrist trying to draw at an angle ugh. Might feel like a waste, but I may just go back to not even looking at my tablet like my old Intuos. It'll stop the shaky line style too.
@RogueCail: Wait you hear what he named his umbreon (it's Dust, what an edgelord amirite)
@PJSam: I'm alive!! Thank you so much!
@comercole: It really is!! Makes you wonder if someone is compensating......
@Shotgun Chuck: That Espeon is going to be a major character ;) Can't say there's not going to be some superpowered pet moments, but yeah I'm really pumped for some of the later chapters
@MercenaryX: Oh man I really did die for a few weeks didn't I? I'm going to hold myself to make no more unplanned hiatuses!
Wes: "Alright, short break"
Me: "hold my beer"

WHEW okay I definitely did not expect my break to turn into a full hiatus, really sorry about that. The good news is that crunch time is mostly over for me and I'm finally on vacation, yeehaw. The bad news is I still have stuff going on IRL that will take time away and I'm also REALLY not used to my new tablet (hence the shaky lines oof). I'm gonna shoot for Friday evening updates again and we'll see how it goes...

Thank you so much for your patience!! Y'all readers are the greatest