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Can we all note how mature Axel can be at times? It's weirdly awesome.
😆😆😆 That's so funny!!
We have both a Code: Brown and a Code: Green!! Eevee is super adorable (which is great =D), but Leafy seems sad!

And a sad Leaf equals a sad me. Hope she gets happy again!
You said the same thing twice, but I can relate. Finals week is in 2 weeks for me! :/
This will probably get lost in this sea of comments, but... Guys! Remember, Fluffy said that Flare can increase their bondage by eating chocolate, and Flare will be able to physically connect at 50% bondage. Well what did Flare eat today? Chocolate. And doesn't it look like Fluffy is more solid in the later panels?

...Could they have crossed that 50% barrier? Could that be why fluffy is unresponsive? He's "evolving"!
I just read PKM's journal (the one from December) and I was right! It was just out of protective measures!
Uh oh! Typo alert! I don't know if anyone has noticed, but there is no punctuation at the end of Gai's last panel on this page. (There should be a period or something.)

Didn't know if anyone noticed this, and it's just a friendly reminder. No harm was intended in this notice. Have a great day! :)
I have a theory.
Could it be possible that the mom was killed by one of those "infected" Pokemon? Both Leaf and Lazuli seem like people who would not hurt someone on purpose, and considering the shock Arcanine was in, it's a pretty low chance that he dunnit.

Perhaps, also, there's reason behind Arky's intimidation. The state Leaf/Lazuli were in prior to the incident is a clue that they were not treated harshly, but with love and care. However, Arky may have had the fear that the attacker may come back and kill Leaf/Lazuli, so he needed to get them away from the crime scene. Unfortunately, intimidation was the only guarantee to getting them safe, so he was forced to be really harsh to them in order to protect them.

Or... This could all be completely wrong and he's just a rude person. But that's just a theory. A WEB THEORY!! Thanks for reading.
Actually, it's Naive! Check the Prologue ;D
So did Eeveelution Squad really just mosh over with 7DS?

I was just looking for some cute, cuddly, and fluffy Eevees! I'm so CONFUSED!
I'm so confused! It's like the backstories of Crystal and Flare, Leaf and Lazuli, and Black and Frost all in one Pokemon!
OMG I just figured it out!!

So at first I was confused when Silvia took Black out, since she said that she didn't want to today. But then I remembered: MANA! She can use Heart Swap!!

...You won't believe how hard I facepalmed when I realized that.
This chapter is making my brain hurt... 😅
Yknow, for being a manifestation of his infection, Fluffy can sure be formal.