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Kaylee, or Oktuberfest. Digital comic lover, but moreso a character lover and maker! I am a 3D Artist working in the Video Game Industry, but comics are always a fun side thing to read. Come chat with me if you want someone to gush about common comic interests to! My all time favorites (on and off smackjeeves) are The Property of Hate, Gunnerkrigg Court, Sleepless Domain, Wilde Life, and Ava's Demon! Also, the little guy in my Avatar is Dr. Tangram, one of my characters I have had since High School- he breaks the fourth wall, teaches people and kids education- and LOVES Geometry- especially FRACTAL TESSELLATIONS HE CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM AAHHH- sorry sorry, his fault.
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@Snowyh2o: Once you said that, I noticed how odd his eye looked. I'm worried now. What/who really is Negative but maybe a different manifestation of RGB's feelings?
Now we know that if you turn both the dials a specific way- we're gonna get Negative. Awesomesauce work. I love TV's and the old way they worked!!
@TrashyCho: SPREAD THE KNOWLEDGE *anoints you with confetti wisdom*
My avatar is all that is needed to explain our feelings for Negative RGB... also a bit of a read of something you might find interesting comment-dwellers.

But I was doing a re-read, and idk what model his head is based off of (idk how accurate you decided to make his head Mod)
but the knobs might be UHF and VHF modifications. Ultra-High Frequency and Very High Frequency. Aka- each type controls a different set of channels on different frequencies. So when Hero asks about the 'black button' further back in the Market chapter maybe they mean the knob? Not sure. Just some fun vintage tv knowledge.

VHF was obsolete when UHF came out- which also a fun fact did NOT catch on in the US unless in major cities where they ran out of channels on the VHF band. For TV's with both bands it was typically VHF tuner on top, UHF on bottom- UHF has more channels (depending on the area). Another thing is that when color was first coming out- if you had a monochrome strictly TV set you could only tune into color tv shows using the VHF band- so the top one (which only we have seen being used so far), which I find somewhat refreshing. A color set can tune in between monochrome and color freely depending on the channels available. Most color tv shows started out on the VHF band since most TV's had it and most shows were on that band. SO in theory- even without water- perhaps you COULD force RGB into Negative state? Maybe why he doesn't talk about that knob because he KNOWS if you use it he'll pass out and not know what happens after waking up? Also notice that between page 102 and 103 in the Negative chapter, the two knobs suddenly snap to straight on both of the channels? Interestinngggg.

Or, you know, fuckall because this is a comic and anything can happen and the tv heads head could be entirely magical and illogical ;)