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I am a friendly guy on the internet who likes making videos
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Edd, maybe you should find somewhere to hide from that menacing looking Tom!
Geezus Christ you need to stop, Edd is the hero, he has no job except for being the hero and evading Tord.
It's not Tord's world, or Edd's world, it's MATT'S WORLD
Exactly, I wouldn't be able to enjoy a cat ever again TwT
Also I require more comics with ringo in them
o noes, it is turning black... IS DIS GONNA BE A SIDE STORY I AM GONNA HAVE TO WAIT FOR!?!?!?!
@Eeva the Eevee: you know, i could imagine this happening
PUG YOU TORD YOU PIECE OF CRAP YOU DON'T DESERVE YOUR ARMY OR ARM -steals all of tord's robot arms- there better
-nukes tord's army except for matt and tom-
nice tomska refrence for ya
I side with matt on this argument, Tom's plan was very stupid even with the bombs
@Tord: Tom doesn't suck, Tord/Red Leader suck because they are pugging traitors!
I'm just gonna wait
I like SSEC, so i can wait, but i wants more blizz becuz blizz is awesome and i am gonna be waiting for blizz to be in a main comic again!
This is kinda sad.
Poor Vay! He was clearly hurt bad, and he deserves to forget stuff like that, I can see why he wants to forget, but maybe it is for the best that he doesn't for a later story arc.