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Where are the god cards I know they threaten the forth wall or is it team rocket is Crystal part of team rocket because she's also breaking the forth wall
@EeveeBoi I think it looked like a targeting reticle maybe he learned lock on
It's always fun having a voice just suddenly saying found you especially if the voice is creepy and it's at night and your alone in your house I like talking to the voices as well they're really nice
Cresselia less likely guardian (to me), Darkrai, Marshadow, Yveltal, Giratina are the ones that I think possible with shadows unless they make a fakemon
???: Used freeze dry Lethal fainted
I'm expecting someone to get lost in the cave
My favorite part this page is the ok new plan
Either another universe time travel which resulted in memory loss
@EpicSignal What find it's common knowledge in Naruto unless you have never watched it
He still cares about him because he's the main character it's like Naruto and Sasuke
Finish him fatality
Surprised you haven't killed each other yet and being teased about going out must be a serviper because zangoose and serviper are said to hate each other so much they kill each other yet can breed at the daycare
Spit personality is there a Mike among them?
Another wierd place huh at least it's not 4chan