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Although it could just be another perspective of the comic where it differs further from the official MD games
Because past you hates future you future you what did you do to past you to make them want to torture you so ;}
Is this chapter about Luna with her women intuition
I would've thought she asked what's an oran berry
Julian/Yoshi didn't know people on the internet (includes me too) had brains
Multiple personality disorder now if this was an anime or manga with people instead of Pokemon and Alex was a girl it would be a pseudo-harem ps this is an actual manga but the character is just really good at acting and is very wholesome
Alex used flash effect eyes glow
I've been wondering this for a while now but is xael (presumably Alex before reincarnation) a boy or girl sound the Prof. Oak signal
If you think about it since kishi can be translated in some places as knight and others as ocean and night in others so since night dark and we already have a different spelling of night with night I think a cool way to use several translations for a cool sounding title would be The dark ocean knight
You are the avatar
Where's Cinemasins when you need them no offense but thanks to them I think that everytime the name of a book, movie, manga, or comic is said in the same material it makes me think of them
Him and his little body that lives inside him loves chocolate
Still haven't figured out the reply thing in this chat thing
@The_outsider Speedy electric type < ground type so therefore if he's put on the floor he is grounded therefore at a disadvantage
Looks like lazuli is using speedy's weakness to her advantage by grounding him well ain't this shocking
I'm sure he's met him already and was a ghoulmon