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Still has glowy eyes I thought those would only ever apear if he remembers something or shows off a special power to bad this isn't unordinary
Hey look an electricity joke it's how shocking I feel like I ran a circus for that one
Cue evil villians yelling i'll be back
I ship speedy and lazuli more than what the sylveon ( I forgot her name and I don't know if I got the other two right and I amto lazy to look back and check) because I think speedy's and lazuli's background similar in nature (which when they open up to each other can strengthen the relationship further) unlike the sylveon and also tsunderes are usually the ones that deny liking something or someone but loves it more than anyone and usually strengthens the relationship in the end but then again this is just an opinion my opinion
Puns are the best because they light up my world so author how do you currently feel
Lalalala rainbows and sunshine before fire and darkness yaaay
This must have been a shocking first meet
Water may be good against fire but if it's hot enough fire can beat water they should make an ability that makes fire type moves super effective against all types or just at leat buffs the damage to a just slightly above neutral effective against normally not very effective stuff like fire against water or rock because rock can be melted into magma/lava and water steam and in return for this the Pokemon that has this ability will be a pure fire type and of course be a glass cannon probably more so than pheramosa
Vaporeon if Glaceon isn't the only one I will use your own species name and vaporize you
Toby looks like a cute and cuddly vampire in the last panel
@hawktalon I am being sarcastic in saying your being sarcastic
@hawktalon no need to be sarcastic it's just that some people can't read the unknown language
I think the unown language is "locked away memories deep under"
I am thinking of the dogs in the aristocats movie at the parts where the villian kicks out the cats and gets chased by the dogs
Speak of the devil and it shall appear and that's folks is what you call a short for shadowing or jinxing it
Purrlion confused punched itself in it's confusion to snap itself out of it's confusion purrlion is still confused