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Hi! My name is Ana! I'm an artist for hobby that wants to became proffetional, I'm starting my fist webcomic, the last author, I spect you enjoy what I do UwU
December 6th, 2018
Poor girl :,l
December 3rd, 2018
This looks to be so cool! I spect to see more! :3
November 1st, 2018
This is so interesting :3
Hi boys! sorry for the lateness! Here the next page :3 and happy halloween!
New character! :3
3 page here! I spect you are enjoying the comic UwU if you have any question don't be shy and just tell me! See you next wednessday :3
Boy I just realized that RGB still has the rip on the shoulder of his coat, just like Negative as well, that is having so much detail!
Hi there!
Second update! here we go! :3
This is just so exciting! I nevera thing this could happen! It's so original! Also, this tell us that negative wants yo help hero, so he is not agressive without reason , and for the way he looks to not get up, It's possible that RGB is actually so weak... Thank for this update!!! ❤❤❤
Welcome UwU
Here we go! This is my first project, I spect you like it. I'm just a begginer but I'm so excited for this! If you want to see some sketches from the characters or my current art go to:

Thank you for reading! <3