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Hi! My name is Ana! I'm an artist for hobby that wants to became proffetional, I'm starting my fist webcomic, the last author, I spect you enjoy what I do UwU
And Luke is angry, help the beans xd
Boy she is related hrfehgo Saibh is in problems right now, poor girls QuQ
pfff he got attacked for lovely sheeps xD
May I say this is completly wonderful? CAUSE IT IS COMPLETELY WONDERFUL!
July 15th, 2019
IT'S THE HUMAN? *fear.png*
Oh don't worry! Take your time! Your health is first, try to get rest and don't rush yourself, we all can wait UwU
I'm thinking that brooch looks familiar mhhh may be related to our last girl? :3
The red boy is back!
First page of part two!
*fangirl internal scream* ahhh
I love Lucero's expresions! and that expression of complicy sister is exactly me right now xD
*clap clap clap* congratulations to the sweet baby!
awww she is so cute, and I know that feeling xD
It's over isn't? xd (me feeling here comes bad things ghfht)
woahhh nice colors! :O
WUHU! Part two is here! Drafts is here for stay, my friends :3