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i am lazy so dont espect much
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i cant tell but is jeremy wearing another disney costume
wait till he realises he can farm the high level ruppes
just remember if you dont atack its usless
probably knows rock smash
@epicness: kick the wall watch them all fall no more bottles on the wall
you know ive read alot of nuzlocke comics some good some great yours to me is great mainly to me its the trainer that sells it usually the trainers stop wanting to fight at some point in the middle but yours dosent PERIOD its his pokemon thats draging him along and i find it halarious keep it up
just wondering but if they do transform will cloud transform the same or will he be FF monsters and creaters eg. moggles and bangaas and tornberrys
mustache powers activate
home alone
to nobody who are you agien
@Noneko: the fish so complecated that only god could have created it but god says he didnt cause with proof their is no faith and without faith he is nothing but man said but this fish proves he exsists then god said gee your right and promptly vanished that fish
is that a hitchhikers guide to the galexy referance i see with the fish that translates all and is proff that god both exists and dosent exist
if i was in his place id hold DT and make him spam ember to thin them out a bit
crytalizesweat of chuck norris cracked me up
guesse but i COULD shoot out pokeballs
its either going to be a team roket intro or a pokemon battle probibly not the latter
their after his fags crawl man crawl like a caterpiler
im assuming from what im reading in the news paper Gabby will be appearing next or soon but thats just a guess