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@Bughs: the art is really nice and your taking on some heavy themes, im super excited for it :D
i mean...they are both right
just found this and i really love it! cant wait to see where you go with it :3
December 11th, 2018
*pulls up my chair* why bigger bunny...WHY! ;n;
(i wanna call the big one sycamore they are too cute! lol)
@VadanDrumist: *points as hard as my pointer can* ^^^
yikes now thats a start! give them hope and then rip the vial away....really wanna see whats next!
@Songdog: that would be lovely, thanks :D
Ah I see! Hope we see more of them but they don't seam to lie sickly rig D:
Does this work? just thought it was a funny meme
gotta say im interested in the elder here, she looks a bit like she was burnt on the face a little? muzzle and eyes furless? what happen old lady? ;3;
lol and poor fen! 'sorry lad you just dont have good swimmers :/' but fen does really....look weak now...or unimpressive should i say
haha and its good to see leggy! thank you for adding her ^^ (although that other doe is super pretty)
I have mine a joke name (in my heart she'll always be my leggy XD)
This new guys pretty kool looking! Excited to see what's ganna happen
Lol she's a real messy eater then! Completely missed that
but rid wasnt with deadwood when that happened right?

also....whats on her mouth? what is that
@gentlechaos: what if he tries to take out the widower??
maybe plans a trap (plus the wolf is tired as hell)
@MoxMox: pppfff i know what you mean....playing uno with just to people WHAT A FOOL...