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loves anime, manga, reading and drawing.
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Took me long to fix this page. But I love making Shiren's reaction in the last panel.
My most favorite page when he gets angry. :D
Seriously I want to update more pages but these are all the pages I could update for this week.
New webcomic layout
Been trying to customize the layout for an hour. I did learn about the css and html in my basic computer class but I easily forget it. Now I've been trying to relearn while doing more pages.
The main characters of my story. Their names will be reveal on the further pages. As for the mysterious guy on the third panel, his face will reveal soon.
Finally a revise version of my comic! Hopefully you'll enjoy it.
XD I bet he would love his gift :3
I wonder what's he's going to do? curiouser curiouser :D
they really have gone that far ^^;
XDD It's getting so intense!! keep it up!
ohhhh so Len always wears a mask. Like the idea. :D
The toning of this page is good especially the last page on Rin. :3
Ohhhh... this is getting real good :D
ohhh this is getting to a good part. :D is someone going next?
ohhh I wonder what kind of creature is going to show up :D
wonder what Isamu is going to say to Suna?
ahaha.... I thought so. :D
ohhh me likes this page :3
and I think I know whom she's trying to avoid Isamu and Niji and probably that hugging monster ehehehe :D
Isamu seems to be enjoying ^^;
I like how you put a bandage on Heine :D