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I'm sorry! I'm not able to organize myself, so I have posted any pages


I hope you keep reading

Translated by Marina
Edited by Callirain

There are so many myths and lies in the world of relationships that it’s no wonder people have suffered so much in this area. One of these myths is the idea of the “right person.”
thanks for read!

Translated by Marina
Edited by Callirain

Give or hoard?
@Frogsnack: and thanks for read *U*
@BakaShinagami: I'm glad that you liked it :D
Hey, I'm so sorry!
why i never have time?

thanks for read! I will put the next page soon!

Translated by Marina
Edited by Callirain

a nice blog post:
Who is the closest person to you?
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I love that page, so I really hope you like it =D
Translated by Marina
Edited by Callirain

Everything changes when we understand what’s behind - A awesome story
@Lazy-lil-ninja: The chapter 8 is comming! Just wait a little bit!
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@jonasfx: hohohoh yep! xD
No, actually, he had discovered when she replied about him. But he asked because as he had discovered, he wanted she talked more cute things but, that not happen! she was at her limit! :P hehe
He figure out because no one fan could reply like it. The fans says things like "He is awesome because he is so cool" and others superficial things.
Hey, thanks for read!
Sorry, i'm a little busy, but I will upload the chapter 8 soon!

a nice blog post :)

Whoever said there’s time to spare lied to you
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and yours corrections too! thanks :D
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@Frogsnack: =D thanks! i'm glad that you like it!
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I'm editing right now
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