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I keep restarting games and abandoning the saves shortly after. That probably says something unflattering about me.
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*cough* *cough* Oblivion *cough*
Pull a Narcissus and date yourself! You won't give up on you, right? Right?!

He IS supposed to be a (former) Crow Assassin. Might be he doesn't want to be found, in which case you'll never actually find him.

Even with the past decade or so as evidence otherwise I'd really rather believe it's that than BioWare being lazy.
@zenat: Oh, that is so deliciously vicious.
If only it was as easy to 'take care of' the bald egg as it is to accidentally your folks.
We might not ever be better than Commander Shepard, but at least we can dress like them.
If the map's sections were clearly delineated and future quests were listed like a bunch of question marks on the legend, it might not be so bad.
I always go for Suvi. She's just so damn precious.
@Blazypika2: Ah.

Well. Serves him right anyway.
If that's a sack of silvers for Carver, I don't know why he's upset.

Whenever I try to chit-chat with the guy, talk about his feelings, try to develop some sort of not-so-antagonistic relationship with Mister Mope-In-My-Shade-And-Bitch-That-It-Isn't-Sunny, and generally try to be a big sister/brother, he hisses and swipes at me like an angry cat. A gift as impersonal and unimposing as a bag of money should be right up his alley.

Unless he's pissy about being a charity case. In which case, he should be green, pointy-eared, and hairy. Ah, well.

Happy Holidays!
Been awhile since I've played, but isn't 'I hate you.' Fenris-speak for 'If you want your internal organs to stay internal you'll do that again later?'
You're the Inquisitor! Powerful enough to bend nations to your will! Saving Empresses and Slaying Magisters and fighting demons and judging people all day... If you went for a less pompous pose people might forget who you are.
Wouldn't be half so bad, TBH, if there wasn't a limited amount of money to be earned in the game. Not even a gambling system to savescum through :(
You don't look all that shocked or dismayed at this turn of events.
I still don't know why he was wearing that stupid hat. The only one who pulls that off is Meredith.

Wait a minute.

Kelder and Meredith are the only ones (that my goldfish-brain remembers anyway) that wear that hat, and both of them are nutters. *X-Files theme*
@zenat: Was assuming so because it looks as though you gave him the South Park mouth.
I wonder if Josie has had this conversation with Leliana before.
Haven't seen the show yet, but...
... The guy on the left in the last panel is Canadian, isn't he?
I want to make a joke about there being easier ways to commit suicide, but then I remembered that Cassandra will almost certainly wait to kill him until he finishes Swords and Shields.
Is that why they call it the 'demon hole?'