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I keep restarting games and abandoning the saves shortly after. That probably says something unflattering about me.
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He could secretly be Jughead, or Nara Shikamaru, or something. Always sleeping, looking to avoid actually doing anything. Lazy egg...
It never seems like much thought is put into bathrooms in games. Unless it's the Sims, but that doesn't really count.
Maybe it ain't good to do this for shit writing, but I tend to try and make sense of all the little anomalous bits and fit them together. In this case, maybe it was just one dickhead clan being shitters to mages, or being hyper-conscious of how tolerant the humans in their particular region are toward how many mages they can have. Or the DAO clans projecting the way they feel about it onto the rest of their people. The writers could be going for an angle of 'as much as they might wish, the Dalish aren't a monoculture, and different clans have different beliefs' or something along those lines. Or it could be shit writing. But it's early in the morning and my optimism is currently singing that one song that's always playing with birds chirping and shit.

@Cimbri: I would argue that it's a more realistic approach overall. Instead of authority-bad/anarchy-good or vice versa, they're trying to show both sides of the issues at hand. Like some templars being monstrous abusers while others are actively trying to do right by their charges, while some mages out-and-out want to walk all over other people while others are like the ones in Honnleath just wanting to be left alone.
It's been 8 years? Damn...

Hope there's 8 more and all that.
I still haven't played the first one; I should probably get on to doing that.
I've got mixed thoughts about that whole affair.

One one hand, yes, the statue is ugly as hell and resembles a golem (sorry, Shale) more than it does your character.

On the other hand, the Qunari may not be as bad as some demographs throughout Thedas (looking at you, Architect), but they're still pretty shit, what with the 'reeducation' and the way they treat their mages. And the Arishok is one of their head honchos.

On yet another hand, the Arishok is cool as hell and his voice is like dark chocolate.
Despite the ever-dire warnings of folks who favor thin metal headwear, the world won't end tomorrow, so take your time. Sleep in. Eat tacos and watch cats do stupid things on the internet.

(I could have lived a long, fulfilling life never knowing what a suggestively-posed Corypheus looked like. Thank you. Really.)
I'd be fi- well, I wouldn't be fine with it but I'd tolerate spending my gold on fancy shit if I could cheese a game mechanic to get it back. Like Quasar in ME1.
@zenat: I hear that. Could've done a couple of things around the house in the time it took to bring that overgrown chicken down and been at least as productive. Would've been more fun, too.
Never Again
I remember doing a Normal playthrough in DAII, and it was a slog for me. The worst part was that fight with the High Dragon in the mine and it literally took me 2 hours to kill her.

Never again. I'm staying on Casual difficulty where I belong.
*cough* *cough* Oblivion *cough*
Pull a Narcissus and date yourself! You won't give up on you, right? Right?!

He IS supposed to be a (former) Crow Assassin. Might be he doesn't want to be found, in which case you'll never actually find him.

Even with the past decade or so as evidence otherwise I'd really rather believe it's that than BioWare being lazy.
@zenat: Oh, that is so deliciously vicious.
If only it was as easy to 'take care of' the bald egg as it is to accidentally your folks.
We might not ever be better than Commander Shepard, but at least we can dress like them.
If the map's sections were clearly delineated and future quests were listed like a bunch of question marks on the legend, it might not be so bad.
I always go for Suvi. She's just so damn precious.
@Blazypika2: Ah.

Well. Serves him right anyway.
If that's a sack of silvers for Carver, I don't know why he's upset.

Whenever I try to chit-chat with the guy, talk about his feelings, try to develop some sort of not-so-antagonistic relationship with Mister Mope-In-My-Shade-And-Bitch-That-It-Isn't-Sunny, and generally try to be a big sister/brother, he hisses and swipes at me like an angry cat. A gift as impersonal and unimposing as a bag of money should be right up his alley.

Unless he's pissy about being a charity case. In which case, he should be green, pointy-eared, and hairy. Ah, well.

Happy Holidays!