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I keep restarting games and abandoning the saves shortly after. That probably says something unflattering about me.
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Your health comes first. Take your time and get betterer. We can wait :P

Cut up an old bedsheet and go as spooky ghost.
Ah, CKII...
Because sometimes you just want to know what it feels like to conquer the world, raise a family, and watch that family run it into the ground in a fit of scheming and depravity.
@zenat: I would say it's more... selective, than impressive. I can remember voice actor roles off the top of my head but have been a year into studying for my Learner's Permit 'cause I can't remember shit about traffic laws.
You'd think a fugitive constantly running from templars would be a little more interested in min-maxing than in fashion.

Although looking like an unhinged clown doubtless would let them find him faster. Maybe that's why 7 attempts were needed to make it stick...
We love the bald egg because he's a crotchety old man.

We hate the bald egg because he's a crotchety old man.
I understand why Duncan is so dogged about it, what with the Grey Wardens being the only good weapon there is against the Blight, but they really should spend the intervening years and centuries looking for another way. Or, at the very least, making like Avernus and seeing what can be done to improve their condition.
@zenat: Also Grunt, from ME2 & 3, as well as Wilson in ME2's intro. General Leonidas in Titan Quest. The stormtrooper comm dude in Star Wars: Empire At War. Zabuza Momochi in Naruto. Pyre Fierceshot and the male player in Guild Wars. Rytlock Brimstone in Guild Wars 2. A bunch of guards in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Eliphas the Inheritor in WH40K: Dawn of War, Cyrus in Dawn of War 2. Sam in Metro: Exodus. And these are just the roles I remember off the top of my head. He's uhh... he's been around.
If ever unsure about who's voice acting what, remember that it's Steve Blum. Every time.
Not gonna lie, I'd be leery of playing against those three as well. And Josephine. And Varric.
That letter you get sent by some Tevinter dude 'thanking' you for the 'reinforcements.' Heh.
Horns are, indeed, the DEFINITIVE secondary sexual characteristic, yes.
I just assume some weird off-camera thing happened that made my dog immune to the deleterious effects. 'Cause he's a good boy and I don't want to even pretend me or my character would be negligent in that regard.

He's such a good boy.
Which merchant do you buy that hamster from? Asking so I don't subject some poor cute little rodent to this by accident.

EDIT: The ME:A one, specifically.
As good a theory as any, I would say.

I mean, Morrigan always struck me as someone who would prank someone for shits and grins and then viciously deny that she would even have an interest in such frivolities. I have to wonder if she ever spooked Alistair a time or two.

Swooping is bad.
Well, Eamon DID spend his formative years out-of-country. Not that surprising that he's disrespectful of time-honored Fereldan traditions.

Then again, he's Eamon. The man can't go a day without figuring out a new way of being a horse's ass to those around him.
Take your time to get betterer. Health is more important than Meme-ing on the internet (though only just) and you only ever get two hands, so you gotta take care of them.
There better be some sort of facility for this to happen in DA4 or I will be very sad.
I suppose now's the time to play through the first two games so I can be properly snobbish about comparing them to the third when it comes out.