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AnthWare Studio
I am a Birdie who lives in Torikobo Forest ... I Love RPG Video Games like Final Fantasy & Lunar ... I Love all Kinds of Music (All Music is Art & I Love it All) ... I Work to at a Bar Making good Tips.
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    Anthrit Onyrovato
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Why Rape?
I know it is a bad thing but peach has had it cumming to her for a long time, so let Bowser and Mario gang raper her in both holes.
Why Explain It?
I had to come up with a plot reason for how Bowser always got into the castle to kidnap the princess for the games, it was never explained, but you all now know how Bowser got the princess all the time.
Why are Bowser & Mario making a deal like this???
Well, if you remember the only game that Mario & Bowser ever teamed up in was Super Mario RPG, and that is why they team up, or should I say hook up for some hot gay love action. I want to create a love story between Bowser and Mario. This is something never seen in a Mario spoof. So enjoy the hot Gay action.
Are You Gay???
In a way, but I am Bi, and was one of them kinds of ppl that was cheated on and lied to by the other sex, so this script is the thoughts and feeling of how I feel about love. Don't be mad at me. Things in our lives change the way we feel about love. So yes this script was written on my life experiences over the years.
Will I Be Creating A New Event???
Yes on the next strip you will see something that was never in the original YouTube Show. So Stay tuned.
Why Did You Change The Lines From The YouTube Show???
Well I wanted to change the lines so that you get a different experience from the show. I will also be adding events that never happened in the original YouTube series.
Why Is Peach Green???
Peach is green because she is now with Luigi and wants to dress his colors. For this first strip Mario finds out a secret he wished he never knew.
Nice I Want More ... More ... More!!
I Love this ... Five Stars ... and i have the same comments that Aquilo had as well.