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Heyo! I’m garnet and I really like Pokémon, Warriors, and WoF. I make my own comics, but they are hand drawn and I might not post them. My favorite Pokémon are Emolga, Victini, Flygon, and Luxray. My favorite Warriors characters are Ivypool and Needletail. If I had to choose one WoF tribe that I like best, it would be SeaWing. I really like reading SSEC, so you should check it out too!
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Also I just battled Koga in my leaf green nuzlocke and I have like 7 deaths already. I need to be more careful ;-;
I think it’s too small to be a sandshrew or trapinch... but hey what do I know
I’m just reading the whole comic over again and this is proabably my favorite page
Im not gonna. Gotta stick to the earth theme
I FINALLY GOT SHELLY IN MY EARTHLOCKE! And also saving cedars evolution for the gym battle
Shoot this was supposed to be on the next page
AHHHH I GOT SHELLY IN MY EARTHLOCKE!!!! Also I’m saving Cedars evolution for the gym battle
Topaz’s reaction tho lmao
Yeah I’m probably dead by then. Hopefully I’ll find a steel type by then, maybe skarmory. You never know what you could encounter.
Ok thanks! I can’t even find a nincada I found a trainer with one in petalburg woods so I looked for one for close to an hour. None. But my team right now (bc I had school and stuff) is Cedar female lvl 13 mudkip /move set: watergun, rockthrow, mudslap, tackle/. Cascade lvl 12 female tympole/move set: bubble beam, supersonic, mud throw, round/
I can’t find any other earthens or future earthens so I’m stuck with these 2 for a while. That’s fine tho.
Quick question. If I do end up finding a nincada would evolving it be legal for my earthlocke? Or would I just have to keep pressing b until I get an everstone?
Congrats on 100 pages! Also Shelly’s just like “well shinx she’s taken!”
This was meant to be a reply, sorry...
Tbh, they are! I’m just glad there’s no grass gym to wreck my water/ground team
Ok, thx! Also my first encounter was a tynpole so I was like “welp! I guess I’m doing a normal earthlocke.” Hope I get female nincada tho.
Nvm I just remembered this is a rom that has every Pokémon up to gen 6 in it
Is the Pokémon in the egg available to catch in emerald tho?
Lucky! I had to sr like 20 times for a female fennekin in xy. Anyways I finally got a female mudkip and named her Cedar! Will make my way to Rustburrow and try to find a nincada. (I wasn’t doing this the whole time since I posted the comment lol)
So I’m playing a Pokémon emerald rom and I’m just gonna have all the Pokémon in it be based off of this comic. Rn I’m trying to soft reset for a female mudkip