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Heyo! I’m garnet and I really like Pokémon, Warriors, and WoF. I make my own comics, but they are hand drawn and I might not post them. My favorite Pokémon are Emolga, Victini, Flygon, and Luxray. My favorite Warriors characters are Ivypool and Needletail. If I had to choose one WoF tribe that I like best, it would be SeaWing. I really like reading SSEC, so you should check it out too!
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“Scary sardine person”
No I’m a day late!
But anyways I’m gonna be really sad when this is over. It’s my favorite nuzlocke comic on smackjeeves, so it means a lot to me. And my second favorite one is on with the new two stuff now, so it’s gonna end soon too.
I don’t want it to be over, but, I make my own comics, so ik how hard it is to keep making pages often.
And since this is the end of the nuzlocke, it means they finally found a place to actually call home, or everyone died (hopefully the first option)
K ima stop now.
@>~<: or a shiny espeon
Azzy being held hostage fills you with determination
Happy st Patrick’s day to anyone who celebrates it. Also happy bday to hb. He looks adorable in that.
“They’re gone”
“What did you say? ANSWER ME!”

Whoops I didn’t mean to put that as a reply to u sorry. My phone is weird sometimes.
It’s diglett. Maybe. Tbh it can be anything that can learn dig, so, maybe even flygon. I don’t think so tho, since it’s an earthen.
Dang Plot-Contributing Earthquakes.
February 16th, 2019
Also did Bumblestripe write the alt text?
Wait, what language do you speak
Also I just realized there were other cats in the window, who, coincidentally enough, look kinda like Jake and Quince.
Jake is Firestars father. Jake is scourges father. Jake is the orange cats father. Jake is your father.
In the last page Eve says “she”
Rainstorms expression is just like “who tf are you I’m trying to sleep here”
In the first panel it looks like she just copy and pasted Pulse from the team victory pose