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Talk shit get hit

Come Hell or High Water is officially a year old!! Thank you everyone for your support! I can't believe a year has gone by so fast. m(_ _)m
She said to shut up Cicada, not keep talking.
He's the guy that takes 2 months to realize you got a haircut.
Let the banter begin
theres no magic in this world, but there are glowy anime eyes
Well look who it is. >v>
I hope you all are shivered down to your timbers after hearing that speech
Boat chases are... really slow, don't let the movies fool you.

Also the next page will be up on Monday!
Boats. Are. HERE!!!!!
We're going to be posting 2x/week every once in a while this chapter! Hopefully, that will help the action move along
Sorry I haven't been posting the Q&A portions of the chapter. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it. Would you prefer to see the Q&A as a news article or as bonus pages with the updates?
Dio's expression is such a mood.
@Chess Pargeter: Heeyyyyyyy~~ -finger guns, winky face-