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I like.
I'm liking the style to this so far
I know it's been a while since I last updated this. I've had a lot of work on the table. Anyways, let's hope I can get this back up and running again.
Alright, here's another page! Sorry for the late update.
Another page added. sorry for the late update. It's taken so long because of work and all and I'm trying little by little to do what i can to update these comics.
Another page for today! Tell me what you think, I love comments lol.
Ah, Godrah's 1st ass kicking lol.
Here we go.
Another page for the day =) I'm ok with how this came out.
Alrighty, kicking it off with some trouble arising. Let's see how this plays out!
Page 4
Here it is finally. sorry for the late update, I had to get all of the character designs done.
Really late update. I've been working on other scripts and comics. I'll try and make this comic more active but I can't promise a lot.
This is going to be a remake of an old comic i was working on.
Another update! Dash sure took the news well...>_>. anyways, on with the show!
Here's another page for today. Sorry for the really late update.
And a new chapter begins :3
Things don't look good for Lindoon.
And here's page 12! We may get to even see Zoradius get his hands a little dirty xD
Page 11
Adding another page for today.
Another page for today, had to repost due to an error on the page I saw too late.
Filler page.
Just a filler page I drew for today.
Things may get a little intense From here o.O