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I decided sometimes you just don’t need to go anywhere. I went over to John’s place and we just... talked. Sat on his couch for three hours having a conversation. Let him vent and drain. Apparently his girlfriend was so damn nice because she already had a husband. He found out and ended it there. It’s a shame. He really liked her: loved her even. They had been friends for a while before, and it’s not easy keeping a marriage a secret, especially for as long as he knew her. He finally gets the courage to ask and she says yes.
Then a few days later he finds her to ask her on a second date and sees her walking with another man, both wearing a matching ring.
He’s hurt. And just after Cayde. He’d been friends with Cayde before he became apart of the vanguard, but that’s a story for another time. Point is he was already down, and this woman had the audacity to pull this sort of thing. It’s despicable.

Went off on a tangent there. It’s just... euggghhh.
Anyway, we talked about guns; strange encounters we’ve had over the years- anything that came to mind really. We’ve decided to postpone the trip for now. May rethink where we want to go. I’m trying to do everything to keep his mind off the past week. Might see if Zavala has anything for us to do, despite him being Zavala.
If you want to learn how to shoot, just ask- for self defense or what not. I’ll take you out to a range any day. I’ll bring John too- he’s the best marksman I’ve ever seen. Shot a watermelon fr-
Shot a pineapple from a mile away. I don’t know the exact distance, but it was about that. His hands are dead steady. Caries a sniper and a sidearm- always. He doesn’t need a heavy weapon. He sits back and snipes while I run in with my hand cannon and sins of the past, fist of havoc ready. Shewww, some nice moves we’ve done. Pissed a lot of people off. You can come see our shenanigans if you do a strike or something. Once...
I’m going off again, aren’t I? I’ll leave before I do.
C’ya wat.
Oh boy l(

He’s always doing random things like this.
Thanks for the feedback with these posts. I didn’t know if I was doing too many of these. I’ve been trying to keep them shorter so it doesn’t take up the entire comment section like a spam thread. (which was my primary concern)
Hey! So uh... still haven’t decided where we’re going to go. I want to ask him but I’m trying to keep it a surprise so got any ideas? I was thinking somewhere without alcohol this time- realized it was a bad idea. The night itself was fun but *sheeoo* the next morning sucked.

But uh... if you have any ideas, just call me back. Bye.
@♠️Arcstrider Exo♠️: But I think there is a Shaxx mask
And actually...
What do you guys think about me doing these story threads? It’s just that I don’t know if you think it’s annoying or spam-y, or if you actually like them. If you would like me to stop doing these stories, just ask. I don’t want people to not like them and just keep seeing it over and over again you know? I don’t want to make people unhappy because of some kid they’ll probably never meet.

Sorry for not asking sooner,
Hey wat.
John’s going through some pretty rough times right now, and I was thinking about going somewhere with him. I don’t know where... but not here.
Just for tomorrow night.
Wanna come with? We’ll all hash out the plans and explain later. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on and honestly, i’ve nevee seen him like this before. I just want to be there, y’know?

But anyway, call me. K?
@lazesummerstone: My suspicions were confirmed.

The world as we know it will now start collapsing into chaos.
It’s been a while. Me, John and his new girlfriend, (did I tell you about her yet? She’s awesome.) we’re thinking of visiting old Chicago. Hear there are some really WEIRD things out there- from the great collapse and before. I hear the place is beautiful and if you want, you could come out with us- meet John and his girl. Maybe we could find the next Graviton Lance or something. I dunno! It’ll be an adventure!
Then we’re planning on going to this tiny island off of the east coast. I forget it’s name...
the divide or something. A bunch of people go over there then can never remember ACTUALLY being there. We’re going to see if it’s real or just something to keep kids away from the old Americas. Anyway, we’re still mulling over the plan but we’re leaving in a few days. Just let me know if you want to come.

C’ya Wat.
@A Bored I.T. Guy: Glad to hear it. I basically just started the campaign.
@lazesummerstone: Somewhere a black hole has formed.

The mere existence of Shaxx breaks reality.

He is no man

We have no grasp of understanding on how his vastly evolved form functions. Only the traveler truely knows what he is. A synopsis (though a bit misconstrued over time):

He is life as we know it- he is you, he is me, he is everything and everyone we know.

He is time.

He is reality. Maybe not ours, but a reality nonetheless.
He simply chooses to desguise himself as a mere mortal.
Hey look!
This website is on the comic spotlight for Smack Jeeves! Congrats! Unless that’s not what I think it means...
But congrats anyway on the great work you’ve done! Love your comics and hope you have a great evening/day!
@♠️Arcstrider Exo♠️: Now that I think about it, usually Awoken have weird(er) names than Shaxx and Exos have numbers.
I never found out (and I could probably look it up) but race is Shaxx- Human, Awoken?
I’m glad you were passing by. I finally convinced John -my Exo friend- to try and have his ghost make that lasagna. I had to buy 50 shots between us before he agreed. So here we are, downing shot after shot, being absolute idiots while doing it and I say ‘ssssOOooo... how’s about tha’ lasagna.’ He gave me the dumbest look I’d ever seen- it was a look between contemplation and confusion and it was AMAZING. But that’s beside tthe point. He finally realized what I had said so we finished the last of the shots and headed back to his place (I think. I can’t remember.), so drunk that we couldn’t even FIND our ghosts. So we get back to his place, and at first his ghost couldn’t even understand what he was sayin. Hell, I could barely understand what he was sayin’. So eventually John gathered up all of his concentration and said. “Hey. Ghost. Please lasagna.” I remember that one because it was so damn hilarious... at the time. Now it’s just stupid. Anyway, after a forgettable amount of attempts, his ghost gives him the lasagna an’ he downs the thing in under... I dunno, a short period of time. About an hour afterwards, the guy’s feeling fine! At this point he alcohol was wearing on both of us and so we just sat on the floor and talked. Had some pretty engaging conversations, hashed out some petty disputes, and then he just... passed out. I mean the guy DROPPED. This 6”3 hunter sides sideways against the wall and bashes my face with his head. Have you ever been head butted by an Exo? Hurts like hell. I had kept trying to res him, thinking he had died from the lasagna, but his ghost said that he just blacked out from the shots. I sat him up a bit and settled down on his couch for the night. Woke up with one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had. So I think I’m gonna try the lasagna again. Maybe since it was my ghost’s first time cooking, it was... *ahem* a bit harsh on the stomach. Maybe it was the booze. I guess we’ll find out.
But anyway, I gotta go. C’ya later Wat!

OH! And before I go, if you ever want to go out with Johnny and I, just let me know. You can bring that Greg guy you’re always talking about, and I’m sure John would love to meet you. And remember, the fireteam’s always open. If you ever need anything, just give me a call.
@♠️ Arcstrider Exo ♠️: Unfortunately I think they will. They need hunter and Exo representation, even if they are replacing Cayde. Its just like when Cayde replaced Andal Brask when he died. Maybe Cayde made another vanguard dare that we just don’t know about yet. (But I highly doubt it since he himself hates the vanguard dare)
I’m surprised that Watermelon didn’t give taken cat watermelon flavored water. Wait...
Would that be cannibalism?
@lazesummerstone: Yet another friendly reminder that I suck at drawing.
@♠️ Arcstrider Exo ♠️: He does! I didn’t notice before!