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So, Random Guy
Wait, can I change this later? This better not be permanent.
How do I delete pages? I see someone doing a tripple dab.
I love that little smile
Does this mean he also has a pool noodle?
Alright let me start off with this question
Who wants a hug!?!
Now to the actual list questions

To Sherley:
Why you look like a complete bad$#& in human form?
To Satan (zigzagoon that chased Prof. Birch):
How many souls have you claimed?
Page: 222
Where in the hell has corneille been?
To Archie:
How does it feel to be one of the hottest Pokemon characters?
To dream May (April fool's 2018):
1.How is life as a pirate?
2.Would you recommend the pirate life to actual May?
To Ivan:
Are you happy that you didn't go against May's team now?
To Ben:
How are you currently doing?
To everyone:
1.How do you guys feel about each other?
2. If you were stuck on a island with a party member, who would it be?
3. How's Maria doing?
No explosion, no tip
It's a tracker
There goes almost all chance of this bunny being sane.
Buy why tho?
The dress better be an alt skin
They banned me. I even said please but they still kicked me out.
So, Random Guy
December 28th, 2018
Now it makes sense why your partner is scared to step on that thing.
You can just claim trains now? Give me some time, I need to go to my local train station.
Yes, That's why they sell for so much. The pokemarts plan to make a legendary to rule the world with.
Neither, it's space dust
Is the series now called "Girl and Necromancer Kobold Friend"?