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So, Random Guy
Wait, can I change my name later? This better not be permanent.
The quest to become champion isn't about being the greatest. It's about taking all the free #2 pencils.
Anyone got duct tape?
Thank God that was just an illusion
I'm ready, promotion. I'm ready, promotion. I'm ready, promotion.
Rip advertisements
Life lesson noted, Never eat a man's granita.
@Quatral: alright, who in the hell corrupted the comm̷̡̨̡̛̳̫͕͇̩̳̗͈̖̯̀̒͒̓̈̌̈́̀̿͑̐́̓͜ͅe̸͆̂̑̂n̴̛̠̩̬̈́́̆̆̾͋͆͌̕̚̚͠t̸̡̡̪̼̼̦̟̯͉͈̽s̸͔̏̈̔̀̽̀̽̅̚ ̢̤͔̪ͅ?
@Lokitheveganswampert666: I don't where the whole 7 deadly sins thing being a constantly but I do think it is funny. It's on the same level of common I've seen with tariot cards and constellations. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if the names of planets become as common.
Actually, don't unfreeze them. I like this ending to the three trial goers.
Alright, who in the hell corrupted the character files?
Why didn't you make Kitty's gun go bang bang?
Bambi got buff
Holy moly was that messed up.
@WingFreak: *Life Will Change plays in the distance*
How in the hell does he stand on his toes like that.
@Goku521: I wanna see the witches be plusle and minun.
Just use a slice of cheese.
What the hell is her issue with electricity?