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So, Random Guy
Wait, can I change my name later? This better not be permanent.
@WingFreak: *Life Will Change plays in the distance*
How in the hell does he stand on his toes like that.
@Goku521: I wanna see the witches be plusle and minun.
Just use a slice of cheese.
What the hell is her issue with electricity?
I'll make sure when I die I drop a Tatical Assault Rifle.
Why do monsters just decide to pick fatal fights and bring money?
@TimeSceo: he couldn't take the responsibilities of being a dad.
*pulls out gun* give me the money
Published by Lusamine and art by Ghetsis.
Why do I think of Grell from Black Butler when I look at Maxie?
Is it even fair to enter in Sherly? She pretty much has no competition.
This thing is definitely the antagonist