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So, Random Guy
Wait, can I change my name later? This better not be permanent.
@Rubyk Marc: I wanna see its mega evolution.
I'm sure only a f e w people drowned in Misty's stunt but that's ok.
How in the hell do you drawl such adorable expressions?
If the beartrap kills something, would it level up?
I think pokeballs in a Pokemon society would be scary as hell.
Is the last pannel supposed to be reference to the scene in demon Slayer on ep 4?
a weapon to surpass metal gear
So, Random Guy
September 18th, 2019
I gotta try that sometime
Is it me or do her pants have eyes
I really like the way this looks.
I really like what you do with the oshawott's shell for each evolution. It also reminds me how I used to think that samurott had four swords and I thought it would share the other 2 with a Pokemon or trainer. I was really devistated to find out I was wrong.
Will this be in the exam?
He really can't take a joke
To be fair, 401 caught him so... Does that mean that 401's the trainer?
I doubt this just a little running joke. There is gonna be a Swanna who absolutely destroys your team in the future. I know it
Holy shiz, Elesa is a Savage. She legit put pignite's swirly thingies on the clothes.
I'm surprised she didn't put that disc on her middle finger for him saying she looks like a kid.
To put fiction characters in hell for the sake of comedy.
Was Audio dino even worth it though?