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I'm British. I'm a nerd. I work in transport. The older I get, the more cynical I become.

My age can best be described as 'old enough to know better, young enough to not care.'

I'm not one for regular updates, so you'll find I'm very irregular with posting... I mean, there may be years between posts. YEARS! Basically, I post when I feel like it.

More widely known online now as Heliotrope-Housecat, or Heliocat for short. Heliotrope means 'to follow the sun' and is also a bright shade of purple, in case anyone is interested.

Hope you enjoy my comics and happy reading!
Splash Free! (2014 comic)
Doggy-paddle comes under the banner of 'freestyle' - technically, ALL strokes come under that banner. So, Haru only swimming 'free' just says that he swims however the hell he wants. He could do any stroke and it'd be free. You could do breast stroke and it'd be freestyle. Heck, you could spend all day floating on your back and slowly skulling yourself along and it'd probably class as freestyle, albeit a very slow and lazy one! The fact Haru always does crawl is moot. It's only in relay that freestyle is restricted, as three standard strokes are covered already so you cannot use them, and crawl is generally the quickest. I think he just likes the word 'free'.
Attack on Titan. 'Nuff said.
Drawn in 2014.
Yu Gi Oh
Bloody love Yu Gi Oh Abridged! This was done in 2013.
Name Change
Wow, I abandoned this for years! Chatting with friends reminded me it was here. Truthfully, I have still done little P&F sketches and stuff over the years, but for the most part the full colour comics stopped once I started full time work (I also got new programs that I found harder to work with, so it became a whole lot more time consuming). One thing led to another and the webcomic went by the by, but still remains very dear to me and I would like to do more :)
I've uploaded the few completed comics over the last few years. This one was done back in 2012, when I changed my screenname to Heliotrope-Housecat (Heliocat for short), Heliotrope having the dual meaning of 'following the sun' and a shade of purple. It's the only hand-drawn P&F comic.
Just making fun of Kingdom Hearts.
It's a fun game to play though :3
Sat navs can be annoying and confusing at times...
Bob goes to the comic con and encounters a rather 'Full Metal Jacket' style experience.

Pippin is cosplaying 'Merle' from Escaflowne. Also, in the background is a photo of the real Bob and Romaine enjoying a con... plus a tiny Pippin ^^

Dead or Alive (c) Tecmo
Escaflowne (c) Sunrise
Bob likes to wind people up at work. He usually takes on a foreign accent to see how many customers he can fool. In this case, he freaks them out with Star Wars quotes ^^
This year, I took special precautions against the deadly Ed plushie... XD
So I read Twilight. Can't say I'm a lover or a hater, but I do like Alice :3 Bob is definitely a vampire, no doubt about it... he watches you while you sleep...
Twilight (c) Stephanie Meyer
Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa
Hehe - an unintended Tyki Mikk cosplay by Bob XD
And Will gets to be Komui, whether he wants to be or not! Plus, the trench coat quote is a true one spoken by me after I found a black full-length coat in a charity shop. And as much as Pippin likes to cosplay Allen, she doesn't have innocence, hence the purple arm :)
DGM (c) Katsura Hoshino
INSERT BIIIIIIG DELAY GAP APOLOGY HERE! I've been swamped with work!

SMACKJEEVES HATES THIS FILE - it's blurred it something chronic and I don't know why... I saved it as .PNG so it shouldn't have done this!

Anyway, after a long hiatus here's a comic for you. Was inspired watching the live-action Initial D movie.
The plushie exacts more revenge!
Cosplays in the last panel based on actual cosplays myself and my friends did to MCM Midlands, September 2008. Romaine and myself did well known characters in obscure but 100% canon outfits... and Will did L ^^
And sorry for the picture quality, but I had to convert to .jpeg as the file size was too large. I hate having to do that.
Lynx 3 for Fangirls. Does exactly what it says on the tin ^^
Anyone seen that advert with the merging, exploding women? It's messed in the head it is, but it provided the necessary material for this ^^
Allen Walker (c) Katsura Hoshino
Edward Elric (c) Hiromu Arakawa
Don't know who they are? Go look 'em up!
Get away from my laptop of art Dark! Your devilishly good looks cannot save you this time XD
That is an actual photo of my actual desk. What a mess! Pippin's in her PJs, hence the spotty pyjama bottoms.
Joke recycled from the video game 'Summoner'.
Introducing 'Tom' who's a dog. For this particular game, Will is our gamesmaster-guy. People like playing roleplays with me because I tend to get really into character and do crazy things, like leap through trees and stab people XD
It's a Simpsons gag ^^
Ah, misreading the blurb... a common mistake XD
This really happened to me (no lie). One day, I nipped out to Tesco. I was only gone about 15-20 minutes. When I came back, the quaint, old, rotting little blue front gate was gone and my landlords had fitted this monster. It's over 2 metres high.
Ervefel (Bob) is kind enough to order me DVDs from America as I have no permanent residence at the moment (I flit between home and uni, so with most delivery times my package would not arrive while I was at the address it was sent to). This is funny because it is 100% honest truth... near enough... I didn't actually hump the Full Metal Panic boxset, but I did hug it ^^