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Wow that fountain is huge just look at the water
Look at the 8th panel it’s Pikachu
I think it’s supposed to teleport not make a portal
I don’t think nidoking has red eyes but it might have I don’t remember the last time I saw a nidoking
It’s not leeeeaaaafyyyyyeeeeee it’s leeeeeeeaaaaafy
All I think about when cc mentions a magnagate is Pokemon mystery Dungeon gates to infinity
Is this an anime crossover if it is what next attack on titan
@BOB ROSS 2 i thought that cause this is the first page
I wonder when the next page is gonna be out
At first I thought sunshine said yeah
Aw sunshine and axel are too young to understand
Damn my explanation was long
I like that idea but i thing sunshine should have a mega stone I want that to happen cause nega eevee is in one of my favorite Pokemon games and in the first page you see sunshine and all of the elements and if you’ve watched a playthrough of Pokemon insurgence you know that mega eeveee has all the elements except dragon and it can transform into each eeveelution and I feel like that should happen cause sunshine is one of the main characters
I’m not saying he will
@PKM-150 what type of dragon sword
How can Silvias ribbon things extend that long
Congrats guys over a 1000 comments
Ahhh I remember the days where there was only 6 or 10 comments now it’s like almost 300 comments