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Hi there, I'm Toxicodendron (genus of things like poison ivy)
I have only recently gotten into drawing (paper or computer) but now I really like it and have been inspired by other webcomics into making my own (though I am only in experimentations at the moment). And thanks to Livin4thelamb, who suggested FireAlpaca to me.
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I was confused about the third soul thing, but as I went back to check if Lone's hair was always green (it was), I went to chapter 2, page 42 by random and it was where the subject was introduced.
@ninaqueenbee: seems like there was a slight misunderstanding, I meant that when I was listening to the song the beginning of Ogni sounded like ah, and in the comic that was the timing of when she screamed ("AAAA...HHHH").
The video has "Video unavailable" for some reason.
Also, I am somewhat jealous of your biliguallity.
OH, That is PAINFUL.
Looks like the boar bit the head off the statue, but pushed with the roof of its mouth and broke off on of its teeth, likely from also pushing forward and biting with that tooth.
Edit: forgot to mention that that caused it to bleed out, possibly meaning it was standing dying for a while.
@ninaqueenbee: Because of thinking I might know at least a little of what the song translates to (il vento to maybe il vient (french) to he came or comes) I'm going to try and translate it. First Google Translate, then WordReference. Oh, and then seeing if I can find the actual song with translation that would account for idioms and stuff.
GT:The wind whistles and the storm is screaming (first thing wrong vento to vent not vient)
Actually I'll just search for the actual song and leave a link to that page:
Seems she said ah at the beginning of ogni at the right time, was that intentional?
@ninaqueenbee: After I saw your last name in your profile (still had your profile open because of the computer announcement, btw I also got one from Bookmark Boyfriend at the same time about the same thing) I was leaning towards Italian then, but I could only eliminate French because I'm learning French.
Never assume someone is permanently retired until they're dead enough they won't come back either to come back or resurrect you.
Italian or Spanish?
@tatterberry: What? I only recently found this and I'm only in time for the end, well, at least I've arrived before then.
@akeara4: So for clarification on the cloning, he could do it, but if original him died and then after that the clone died which would revive?
@Flavia-Elric: The knowledge that I got it right is nice, but spoilers are not fun unless completely just theories. As a suggestion, give correct and good/close ideas a "Wait and see" (the because seemed a bit too confusing when I tried to explain in the comment)
Ohh, possession and whenever it attempts to gain control she injures it.
@akeara4: what about old scars, is he only highly regenerative or also invulnerable to aging, and can he use the healing while alive and does every wound heal? What if every atom broke down, would he regenerate from a random hydrogen? Under those circumstances would he suffocate and live in an endless loop? Too many hypothetical situations to consider. At least humanity isn't going extinct any time soon, quick, someone teach him all he needs to clone back the entirety (amount) of humans from himself (I'm assuming they'ld all have to die for the regeneration thing to happen, would all of them regenerate, one with all their memories, or the largest one with only their memories)
@akeara4: what if he goes in the sun where electrons would fall off and the largest things would be nucleuses?
@VadanDrumist: On one hand he'ld be a good soldier until captured and then tortured until he tells everything, or do multiple suicide bombings until captured and given . Also, what happens if he is split evenly in two?
This made me look up speeds of hawks and owls, though the fastest is probably a turkey dropped from orbit to be cooked.
I may eventually do the math for what altitude and starting temperature is required.
Crying over not resurrecting a pizza, that's a bit overconfident or starved, I can't tell which.
Come on Will, if you do this a truly utopian society can form as all will be unified towards the same goal. If anything, Stanley's just a highly, highly pragmatic hero.
This is so cute, do not leave us without the pure cuteness for too long.
This makes me feel the same way as some of Cheer Up Emo Kid's comics make me feel