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Hi there, I'm Toxicodendron (genus of things like poison ivy)
I have only recently gotten into drawing (paper or computer) but now I really like it and have been inspired by other webcomics into making my own (though I am only in experimentations at the moment). And thanks to Livin4thelamb, who suggested FireAlpaca to me.
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Sometimes the only source of freedom is to be forced into an arranged marriage, it seems.
Wait, he's that kind of cat person?
4 people, 2 guys, 2 girls, enter a church, one girl is an alcoholic who takes a swig of the church wine, the other is a sleepwalker who injures herself in her sleep, one of the guys is doing pretty well in life, the other undresses while squatting on a pepperoni pizza.
February 12th, 2019
I'll admit it, I agree with Kadija on the hair a bit (I had the same first impression)
@MPNB: So your's slants into a beam, mine is instead the flat is normal height but slants on the walls adjacent door wall (if their weren't wall sticking infrom a corner)
The pirate is noticing through metaphor how good of a catch the prince is, not how good the fish itself is.
Don't commit suicide, you might end up being immortal so you'll feel guilty about making others feel guilty or they'll use the "I'm angry at you so feel guilty" card
The Irish code includes don't kill family (and because selkies, seals might be family so don't kill seals)
@des: Gif (pronounced the original way) does sound like Jiff.
Soon we see the dress, and find out what sort of expectations are correct
@artificer urza: I admittedly don't think I noticed the patreon thing until you mentioned it here, so perhaps making that slightly more visible?
@Ben W: It has just occurred to me how much that's true, she successfully slew Selina (unlike if she attended storm trooper academy) and the Selina came back more powerful (not actually, but many would see it that way without correct context)
She's Vader.
Wow, after seeing the previous one I thought, "The mode here is just not quite the same as the normal site, the background's too bright, and I know there's some sore of customization so it is possible." And now it's like this.
At this point I have to say, "Flaw, don't get rid of the collar, it already looks necklacey, so make it a necklace."
SHHHH! This is a library, even the turtle was unhappied by your voice.
@Toxicodendron: Oh, wait, J wasn't insulting E, he was insulting Jamie this time, but he is still insulting somebody
Only in one comic has J not insulted the protagonist (I just can't remember their names) since they got to the protagonist's home
Waiting for that to be a different guy named Jonathan, because why not add a tiny bit of whatever that's called
You made a new friend and he kills you, typical.
@MarioKong: Does this mean she'll absorb its power and be able to spew hot oil?