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Hi there, I'm Toxicodendron (genus of things like poison ivy)
I have only recently gotten into drawing (paper or computer) but now I really like it and have been inspired by other webcomics into making my own (though I am only in experimentations at the moment). And thanks to Livin4thelamb, who suggested FireAlpaca to me.
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Eska, why are you smiling?
Sorri and Lone, why do you look only mildly worried about what Eska just said?
@ninaqueenbee: Wait, I never thought that there were actually churches of the fsm, I will have do some research now, I think.
@Merrsharr: More likely it has a substance on it that in friction with the air when shot release light and some heat (like incendiary projectiles but those are more focused on heat, not light)
@W.Wpickledeggs: Of all the things to forget, I always forget the flashlight, or a bit of the opposite, but that's a different story
Lone will repel it, when she touches it, it will go flying (or nothing will happen)
@Meloh: The only issue that really happens for me though is when I'm nervous so I look like I'm smiling when I just constricting the muscles in a similar way
I'm a weirdo, and I can say that you first need to prepare for people to joke that they're gay for you (after being shipped with a third of the girls you come in contact with and another third claiming to date you) for around a year or more until long after you can't even tell that it's a joke except from that little bit of logic you have and the vague memory of when you could tell it was a joke. If you can deal with that, though, then you'll be completely fine.
@Seredawolf22: looks more like it used its snout rather than tusks, but I'ld expect that guy to get a broken neck and die
Look William, you're now a girl, and another girl... and a guy. Wow you're a lot of people now.
They should start bringing water spritzers to make sure he doesn't do this
@VadanDrumist: or creating some sort of visual representation of peoples' names when they die, like the color green
Let me guess, she was trying to get him indebted to her by giving him extra, and being able to request an undeniable favor is really quite powerful
@NikuComics: I prefer to remember that Giraffes can decapitate lions with a kick
a dehydrated scout
a hypothermic scout
a scout with fatal injuries from falls
& a drowned scout
are a dead scout.

And a dead scout is more paperwork.
@YolkenEgg: people should accept that aside from political stability (which was "optimized" with the Egyptian family vine instead of tree) of hereditarily chosen by god, that hereditary leadership is a bad idea.
@ninaqueenbee: I saw the same issues with cosplayer, but with bird I only thought of no animals allowed in stores and such
I quite literally went "WAIT WHAT?" after I saw the milk in his hand and realized the store blew up and that this wasn't an odd noncanon page
I feel there are a couple of other options that they should at least consider:
1. pretend to be an all the time cosplayer
2. pretend to be a trained bird
To answer your question, yes, you're funny.
On one hand she'ld become politically worthless (unless she had a kid and Kiara's died in a freak accident, a freak "accident", or from a disease) but not to the king (I'm really bad at names, else I would have used his)