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Hi there, I'm Toxicodendron (genus of things like poison ivy)
I have only recently gotten into drawing (paper or computer) but now I really like it and have been experimenting a little.
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@Meta-Akira: Unless I'm delusional about if she's said "I" already, the first time she said it I was so happy
@DarkFireEevee: I must leave something here to show I support that opinion, because this is a great comic I will miss
@Guest Person: where all your pipe dreams come true
cool, Dr. K, you now get some cool facial battle scars (unless you don't want them and decide to use some high tech gadgets)
I just saw some of your earlier stuff because of the intro, and you've improved quite a bit since the first pages you had.
based on his power being so limited, there are two possibilities that I can think of: One, he got a power boost or syphon or Two, this is so magnificently more efficient than any other spell casting that it allows for stuff like this from him
Stirb. Stirb. STIRB!
(Die. Die. DIE!)
I know he shouldn't smile at an explosion that killed at least two people and one person got somethinged, but admittedly it's exiting news and in the same situation I might also (especially if not knowing any death toll).
@akeara4: I wasn't expecting that, so I'm impressed
@YolkenEgg: My guess: babies
Get your suicide: noun merch now today, we have the "I am a mess" apron and so much more.
@dransnake: I'll be away for a week, so I guess this is at least mildly decently timed for me, get feeling better soon.
I'm guessing coughing blood
@ChevreLune: I don't want this to end, but I guess it has to at some point and a conclusion is better than a disappearance.
& insensitive councilor.
If this is a ghost story someone's gonna die in a flashback of any ghost related material, and someone who gets lost easily deep in a forest would be an easy target.
probably the video game rule of choose once for first use, and then you can change it again at any one time afterwards
Silly, those aren't bicycle tires, those're 2 sets of dodecacycle tires
@W.Wpickledeggs: One man's trash can be another man's for free
@NikuComics: the second page has the artist's explaination