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Hi there, I'm Toxicodendron (genus of things like poison ivy)
I have only recently gotten into drawing (paper or computer) but now I really like it and have been experimenting a little.
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@Miss-Sheepy: Your birthday's less than a week after mine, happy birthday one day early
@dracone: This has been the first in a while that doesn't mark all the ones before it as new as well
She definitely thinks he's traumatized, after all, a nontraumatized person would not make such a weird and situationally nonacceptable joke
In her mind: I think he saw something pretty bad back there, maybe I should stop him?
In his mind (not including Green): I should get away and not tell anyone other than perhaps Jeremy.
I was 100% supportive of Kinny until he actually mindwiped everyone. Now I'm horrified.
I should probably try drawing something other than a stick or stick figures only at some point (of stuff on my computer) or at least draw more in general
That time everyone involved can only go "Oh Sh*t"
Germany got beat up by some nations, and with 20 years to rebuild they lost when they tried again. I don't think a nation with only a year or few to rebuild can succeed at tilting the balance of power.
That cloth surrounded area is the place for Selina to change form and cloths in, I'm guessins
But too quite is bad, if moving your arm the cloth is the loudest thing that is too quite
@dracone: that's where flaw's brother (fighter) and that guys friend (a second wizard, pretty sure that's acceptable) so 2 rogues, 2 wizards, and 1 fighter, get another fighter or two and maybe a ranger and that would be quite formidable
Sorry, but snitches get stitches, n exceptions, actually there are, but it has to be a pretty good explanation
I made happiness noises when I saw that this updated, I don't care if it's only 1/2 of weeks (well, I do care of course, but) it's better than having not Café au Lait at all.
@akeara4: Let me guess, he took the innards of a bunch of fire works and put it in a plastic 5 gallon bucket to the brim and ignited it all at once. It's something vaguely innocently fun but also really dangerous
@Alex M: You didn't even mention the time it takes to wipe blood off of metal, it might take a minute to get it fully off, but probably less that her changing into a dress to get some off, if you say something, never forget about precedents and corollaries that can form from it.
It has just occurred to me, although there is a caste system, there is no apparent racism by color of anything
@Morzone: I think he just stopped out of shock that it actually worked to just tell her to stop, and he doesn't have fear as a motivator to make him do more stuff
@plantangel: If you do a hiatus, then perhaps that would be a good time to update the character page.
Green: Go to the police station.
Ethan: Really!? That's it, I' not going to respond anymore.
@Flavia-Elric: I just can't fully accept this being the end, I really want some closure so hopefully you do eventually make a sequel and leave a link here so that in a few years (maybe even a decade or two for those still around this part of the internet) rereading the comic that it will be there. Unfortunately that likely will not happen, so I hope my imagination does a good job.