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First comment! And I've done that before, it's delicious!
He should just fully upgrade her with all of his parts, they way she'd be done alot faster and she'd be safer too.
I like that worried Dr. Light sprite on the last panel.
Bowlman was for the evil league night every year. Unfortunately, he was beaten before he was used for that purpose.
That's kinda suggestive a way...
That's the best way
Eggman can still win...after all, it's only a flesh wound
Kinda looks like Ryu's shoyruken (wrong game, I know, but w/e)
I got the first vote on this comic! w00t!
RAN! That commie bot would be kinda entertaining for awhile in this would my custom character to the left, hint hint.

But dunno my point in commenting
I know! They'll play ZeroWingopoly!

w00t! Tengo's even more awesome!
Woo! Tengo again!
I remember doing that, and somethign opposite, where you say you'll hide outside, but then go inside and watch TV or something.
No, h only says that he prefers not to merge because the cell phone gets jammed. And I like the look on Rush's face in the last panel.
I LOVE that sprite of Treble in the last panel. So evil and awesome looking!
I thought the plural of Nemesis was Nemesi.
It's really a spirit of a Marowak!
That's a pretty smart move the scientists made, unlike most of the other ones. Though in the end it DID make trouble for them.