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@MB: Hmmm... it looks like you have to make an account. That is probably helpful so that anonymous trolls don't mark down a comic into oblivion.
@Guest: Yay! I only redirected the address on the weekend, but was posting pages back in January and such just to make sure everything would work before turning on the redirect.
@CJM: Yay welcome! And thank you ever so much for voting for the comic. I very much appreciate the time people take to vote on it over there at TWC.

And I just started posting Velharthis here on SmackJeeves back at the end of 2018, so no one's rated it yet. If people would like to rate the pages, that would be very nice but no one should feel obligated. :)
Will Jenise keep this job? How did she get here? Who is Abe? What happened to Peter, Lander, and the rest of the gang? And who is the mysterious wolf-man?

All this and more in the next chapters of Velharthis: Book Two!
Sounding just a little desperate, Jenise...
The plan? Show how useful Jenise can be. You might recall Jenise entering the shop and it looking rather dingy. Also, guess where the mug came from...
Another quiet page.
Sleezeballs gonna sleeze.
Figuring out an answer. What is Jenise's plan?
We find out how dire Jenise's current situation. You might wonder how Jenise ended up training as an engineer. A good question, one which should be answered for you in the next chapter.
Fellow students of Jenise. Don't know their names. I like the little weasel-y looking one. Just hanging out, looking for trouble.
Jenise is VERY angry.
Jenise is angry. :D
Abe's ambiguous language leaves people scrambling for meaning. Where one word might do, Abe could sometimes use a few more.
Abe hard at work, avoiding people. Just as he likes.
Jenise searching for her next step.

People who previously read Velharthis (like, the old version) will probably recognize Abe's name. Yes, he's back! Same old character as before. :D
Sorry for no words. Wanted to tell the start quietly, as we have done before with Jenise.
She's rather mad at the thing she doesn't believe in ruining her date. Who is she? Just some city folk. We'll catch up with Jenise on the next page.