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Hi, I'm just a shiny jolteon.
(and a sans)

this is my megalovania (btw, i got permission to use it by the person who made it) :
  • Real Name
    Tyler The Shiny Jolteon
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what did i miss
@pixlyJolt: because i made his move set different than other mii gunners.
yeah, i've only practice spiking with some characters. with pichu i rarely ever hit the spike.
here are my mains in order from "the best with" to "kinda good with" to "can at least land a spike / meteor with":
(best with) toon link, joker, mario,
(kinda good with) dr. mario,
(can at least land a spike / meteor with) sans, pichu
@ShadowUmbreon99 @pixlyJolt: cool im (kinda) good with multiple characters.
oh yeah if u do join, pick (any of) your main(s)
if you do want to play, heres the arena id:
[arena closed]
im mostly asking this because
a. im bored lol
b. i recently got a used wired gamecube controller for my switch and idk if it works or not so i wanna test it.
@pixl: oh, pokemon wise, it would probably have to be... idk thats a really tough question. 🤔
anyone wanna play super smash bros ultimate?
@pixlyJolt: idk, maybe either papyrus or geno.
@pixlyJolt: ya. turning 14 next month.
not that anyone's even still here... 😐
aaaand everyone left.
yes this happened to me once. i was not using any sort of cheat.
@gadaussin: oh hi didnt realize anybody else was still here
huh. there is still life here. who knew.