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Hi, I'm just a shiny jolteon.
(and a sans)

this is my megalovania (btw, i got permission to use it by the person who made it) :
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    Tyler The Shiny Jolteon
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@pixlyJolt: idk, maybe either papyrus or geno.
@pixlyJolt: ya. turning 14 next month.
not that anyone's even still here... 😐
aaaand everyone left.
yes this happened to me once. i was not using any sort of cheat.
@gadaussin: oh hi didnt realize anybody else was still here
huh. there is still life here. who knew.
too long to be honest
holy carp i've been gone for a long time
hello everyone im not dead.
(couldnt think of anything else to say lol)
*yawn* whelp, i need a nice long nap. c ya later guys! *teleports home via magic*
@voidcast: *somehow shakes your paw even though, like you said, you're a ghost* nice to meet you to, void.
[in head: 😅how am i even able to shake his paw? he's a ghost, i should be going right through him...😅]