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Big A2
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Naaah. Who reads comics any-more anyway?
Big A2
September 18th, 2011
Now back to 10 months of waiting for the next page. pg
oh my god the drwings look so reel!
Holy shit, when I saw "This comic in one panel", I laughed harder than I have laughed in years. Sushi, if you don't make more of these, there will be consequenses.
Wait, isn't that the "Yellow Submarine" font?
This is very Seanbaby-esque.
This picture has EVERYTHING.
*pokes head through door*

Hey, it's still here!
(Pretends SushiGummy isn’t here)

@Czar Squid: It makes you wonder, what is doing with like, 50 comics if he can't even update one consistently?

I shouldn’t complain though, they're his comics I guess...
Big A2
December 13th, 2010
Epic mustache in the last panel.
unfortunaley georgeo doesnt have a furry fetish
Those, and the fact that Tarson and Peg were on their way to the subway, then Tarson went to this party to get something to eat, and now he's just killing people for no reason.
Okay, there are some serious plot holes here.
Detective Tarson currently dominates 9 American states.
The return to simpler style is refreshing.
i think were gonna need a biggr screan
i thught i wos the new author im gonna cry now