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I'm a person that always forgets.
Like their own handle.
But anyway. I try.
Ancient (mostly) history, mythology, fairy tales, folklore, art, stories, kids, anthropology, language, everything, cartoons, plushies... You know, just important things.
Honestly, my life is fucking horrible (and I am such a morbid optimist and abstract reviewer that it took me years to figure out) - so I disporportionally value things like decent tea or alcohol, classical radio, getting dressed, revelling in how much it makes sense, a meal, sarcasm, Cloudcuckoolanders, extra settings, how walls look like paper, octopi hanging off the ceiling, playing with toddlers, randomly reading encyclopedias without even understanding anything, absence of mice, mice, scarves, quarrelling, colours, snug corners, et cetera.
Or maybe it's because I've read too many a manga through childhood and got off meds recently?? lol
I guess I am... That at least I'm pretty certain of.
. . .
I think.
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    Salvation Occultist
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